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Remember When Oct. 27, 2022

10 years ago (2012)
•Tickets are going fast for Monday night’s Army Band performance at Luverne’s Historic Palace Theatre.
The Rock County Star Herald will host “The Volunteers” of the U.S. Army Field Band at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 29.
“I have a patriotic spot in my heart, I guess,” said Star Herald General Manager Rick Peterson when asked why he is sponsoring the group.
“I think Luverne is pretty steeped in military history, and I think our residents will enjoy this group.”
The Star Herald hosted the Air Force band, “The Notables,” at the Palace in 2006, and Peterson said he jumped at the chance to get The Volunteers when he heard the Army band was touring the area.
25 years ago (1997)
•Whether they were planning to raise baby bison or make buffalo burgers, buyers at the annual auction at Blue Mounds State Park paid what Park Manager Rick White called “very good prices” for 16 bison at the Oct. 15 sale.
The Minnesota Department of Administration sale brought a gross of $24,385 into the state coffers. …
“The buffalo are surplus property because the pasture and facilities (at Blue Mounds State Park) will only handle so many animals,” White said.
50 years ago (1972)
•Luverne’s third annual Halloween Days will be held here Thursday, Friday and Saturday. A promotion of the Retail Committee of the Luverne Chamber of Commerce, the event will feature special bargains in the Luverne stores, plus colorful and artistic show windows, created by artists in the Luverne school.
Approximately 30 windows will be used for various Halloween scenes. Lamp posts in downtown Luverne will be decorated with cornstalks and pumpkins. Prizes will be awarded the students for the best window paintings.
Bargains of timely fall and winter merchandise  are offered by member stores. Advertisements in this week’s Star-Herald will give a clue to what “treats” the participating merchants are offering.
75 years ago (1947)
•A report just issued by G. Howard Spaeth, State Tax Commissioner, covering Minnesota state income tax returns filed during the 1946 fiscal year, contains some interesting figures on income taxes for Rock county. It reveals, among other things, that state income taxes assessed against residents of this county in 1946 amounted to a total of $50,025, compared with $46,106 for the preceding year, an increase of 9 per cent.
Taxable state income tax returns filed by individuals in the county during 1946 numbered 788 compared with 767 for the previous year. Of the persons who filed taxable state income tax returns in 1946, 100 paid an income tax of $100 or more; 127 from $50.00 to $99.99; 180 from $20.00 to $49.99, and 381 from one cent to $19.99.
100 years ago (1922)
•Acting on suggestions from the American Bankers’ association, the entrances to Luverne’s banks are now well covered by high power firearms which have been placed so as to be convenient for use in case an attempt is made to hold up any of the institutions, especially in the day time.
Several long range rifles have been placed in office rooms on the second floor of business places that offer a clear view of the entrances to the banks, and are to be kept ready for instant use in case an alarm is given.
The location of these rifles is such, that if any bank robbers were to attempt to stage a daylight holdup, they will find the period that it takes them to get out of range of the rifles, painfully long.
Similar action in regard to placing loaded rifles in places convenient for most effective use in case of holdups has been taken by banks in many other towns in this section on the theory that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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