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Remember When Feb. 11, 2016

10 years ago (2006)
•Land values in Rock County are reaching all time highs, with land sales recorded at $5,000 an acre in some places.
According to the Rock County Land Records Office, tillable ag land has been steadily increasing in value over the past several years.
For example, the average acre of tillable ground in Rock County was valued at $1,627 per acre in 2001.
25 years ago (1991)
•Administrators of area nursing homes are worried they will lose staff to the higher-paying Luverne Veterans Home when it opens next year.
Administrators claim that state restrictions on nursing home rates hinder them from offering competitive salaries to keep employees.
The Luverne Veterans Home will offer $7.50 per hour for positions equivalent to nurses’ aide positions in area nursing homes. That opens a $2.50 gap between local wages.
50 years ago (1966)
•It took a group of 15 ladies of the Bethany Lutheran church congregation to clean up the church last Friday after an explosion blew soot all over the sanctuary and other areas of the building. No other damage was reported. The explosion occurred last Monday, according to members of the church. The furnace, a conversion to gas from an oil unit, was not working properly. The building was covered by insurance.
75 years ago (1941)
•A water filtration plant that will remove the iron content, odor, and bad taste prevalent in Luverne’s water system, was purchased Tuesday evening by the city council, an action which is undoubtedly readily appreciated by residents of Luverne.
100 years ago (1916)
•While a crowd that blocked the sidewalks and extended into the street waited to gain admission to the Grand theatre Tuesday evening, Mayor Hawkinson and Aldermen E.H. Moreland and Henry Hanson sat in the theatre as a board of censors to determine whether or not the attraction booked for that evening should be permitted to run or be suppressed.