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Remember When Dec. 29, 2022

10 years ago (2012)
•Students at Hills-Beaver Creek Elementary spent the month of December collecting food items for the Rock County Food Shelf. The 1,211 items collected were part of the Holiday Outreach Project organized by the student council. Each grade level kept track of the number of items collected. The class with the most items on Dec. 20 would be declared the winners and receive prizes for everyone in the class. The sixth grade maintained the lead throughout the month and easily won, having donated more than 250 items. On Thursday morning. Dec. 20, the student council and peer mediators braved the 16-degree temperature to load the goods in Principal Corinna Erickson’s truck. She delivered them to the Rock County Emergency Food Shelf located at the First Methodist Church in Luverne.
25 years ago (1997)
•Jeweler and clock maker Ralph Herreid officially retired in 1979 when he and his wife, Ruth, closed the doors of Herreid’s Jewelry in downtown Luverne, but he’s continued to share his gifts and talents since then.
Two tall clocks, one completed and one on its later stages of construction, remain in his basement shop at 508 West Luverne Street. An engraved brass plate on the finished clock reads, “Made especially for Jeff Thorson, Love Grandpa. 1996.”
The clocks are two of six grandfather clocks Herreid has made to give to his grandchildren. The others have already been delivered to their new owners.
50 years ago (1972)
•I’ll always remember the day Harry Truman visited Luverne. It’s the only time during my lifetime that an ex-president of the United States has ever been in town.
It was a bright October day — in fact it was Columbus Day, Oct. 12, 1956.
The ex-president, then 72 years old, was on a campaign tour through Southwestern Minnesota, stumping or the Adlai Stevenson-Estes Kefauver ticket.
75 years ago (1947)
•Formal opening of the Luverne Farm Store will be held Saturday, January 3, the owners, Magnus Christensen and George Golla announced this week. The store is located at the south edge of Luverne on Highway 75. …
The new business will deal in feeds, seeds and fertilizers although they plan to install seed cleaning and treating equipment later on.
During their formal opening Saturday, representatives of General Mills Larro feed division, Cargill, Inc. seed department and the Dow Chemical company weed control division will be on hand to answer any questions farmers of the Luverne trade territory may have regarding feed, seed and weed control problems.
100 years ago (1922)
•Eighteen baskets, filled with things essential for a full Christmas dinner, and topped with fruit and candy for the “kiddies,” were distributed Sunday morning by the Luverne Kiwanis club to homes in Luverne, as the club’s Christmas offering.
The Kiwanian motto is: “We Build.” This motto is accepted in its broadest interpretation by all Kiwanians. To build up happiness in the hearts of others is one of the ways of building held by Kiwanians to be a duty and a pleasure, for happiness is the keystone of success in every community.

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