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Remember When Dec. 16, 2021

10 years ago (2011)
•City union workers agreed to a “soft pay freeze” for next year, according to the terms of a contract recently negotiated between the local AFSCME Union and city leaders.
At their meeting Tuesday night, Luverne City Council members approved the labor agreement, which calls for a 0-percent increase in 2012 and a 1-percent increase in 2013.
The first year of the plan is referred to as a “soft pay freeze,” because it still allows raises for employees who are eligible for step increases or “lane changes” in their pay plan.
The freeze does not allow for a cost of living adjustment (COLA) increase, which has typically been 3 to 5 percent each year in previous contracts.
25 years ago (1996)
•In what appeared to be a giant slumber party Saturday night, more than 150 stranded motorists camped out in the gymnasiums and hallways of Luverne High School.
A foot of snow fell in the course of only a few hours Saturday afternoon taking travelers by surprise.
When they stopped in Luverne (or were towed or rescued from the ditch) they discovered no vacancies in Luverne’s motels.
People were calling the sheriff’s office to find out where they could stay for the night,” said Rock County Emergency Management Director Kyle Oldre. …
Oldre then called George Maurer, superintendent of Luverne Public Schools, to see if storm refugees could stay at the high school. “Dr. Maurer was gracious enough to open the doors to them,” Oldre said.
50 years ago (1971)
•A grant from the Bush Foundation in St. Paul, and federal funds will enable the Division of State Parks and recreation to buy the home on the Blue Mounds owned by Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Manfred. Mr. Manfred will have tenancy rights to the home during his lifetime. The building will be used as a visitor and interpretive center for Blue Mounds State Park, after the state is given possession of the property.
75 years ago (1946)
•The Luverne board of education Tuesday night voted a $200 annual pay increase for all instructors in the Luverne public schools.
Their action was taken, after a request had been made by the Luverne Teachers’ association that the board consider a salary increase for all teachers to help offset increased costs of living.
Under the new schedule, the minimum salary of grade teachers is now $1,850 per year. The minimum paid to women high school teachers now is $2,125, while the minimum paid to men is $2,500.
100 years ago (1921)
•Tomorrow afternoon is the time, and Luverne is the place, when and where the kids of Rock county will be entertained and in carrying out this laudable undertaking the committee in charge of the arrangements are to be assisted by both Santa Claus and Uncle Sam. …
To this end three thousand bags of candy will be given away, and all children under thirteen years will be admitted to the theatres free of charge during the afternoon. Special features designed to appeal especially to the kid mind, are to be shown, and if necessary, two shows will be given at each play house.
Christmas trees have been erected on Main street and these will be suitably decorated and illuminated for the occasion, and will be left mounted until after Christmas.
The main interest of everyone, will, of course, be focused on the arrival of the two distinguished gentlemen of the day—Santa Claus and Uncle Sam.

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