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Remember When Aug. 25, 2022

10 years ago (2012)
•The Minnesota Veterans Home in Luverne hosted its third annual classic car show Thursday, Aug. 16.
The event, organized by Luverne’s Keith Schmuck, attracted 22 vehicles and dozens of visitors.
According to Shirley Connor in MVH activities, the event included root beer floats served from a keg of 1919 root beer.
“Our residents and families love the car show,” she said.
“Lots of memories are revisited. … People are talking about their first cars. … Many residents learned how to drive on a Model A similar to the one Dick Herman had here.” She thanked Schmuck for his efforts and said another car show is planned for next year.
25 years ago (1997)
•Baseball fan Dave Smith and BMX supporter Ken Petersen tried to explain to City Council members Monday how baseball and BMX racing could co-exist in the same area. …
With the construction of the new elementary school, the high school baseball diamonds have been eliminated. Baseball fans are eyeing a softball field located near the BMX track. But if it’s redeveloped into a baseball diamond, the BMX track will need to either be rerouted closer to the river or relocated to another site.
Smith said he and former high school coach Mark Lundgren had roughed out a possible diamond near the BMX track.
50 years ago (1972)
•A Country Kitchen restaurant is scheduled to be built in Luverne, according to an announcement received from Country Kitchen International, Inc., Minneapolis based restaurant chain. It is one of two slated for construction along I-90 in Minnesota, but no date for beginning of construction was announced.
75 years ago (1947)
•Rock county’s rural schools will open on September 2, County Superintendent Barrett announced this week.
Indications are that 29 rural schools will be closed and transporting, and this figure may increase as there are still three rural districts which do not have teachers.
District No. 44, closed last year, has voted to re-open this year if a teacher can be obtained.
100 years ago (1922)
•Rock county’s 14th annual county fair will open two weeks from next Tuesday, and continue for four days. According to present expectations it will be at least a little the most creditable showing of Rock county products ever made in the history of the county.
This expectation is based on the interest being shown by prospective exhibitors and those who desire display space in the buildings and on the grounds, and the high character of the entertainment features to be provided.
The exhibits of live stock and poultry, and especially that of cattle and hogs, will be particularly extensive, and competition in these departments will undoubtedly be very keen.

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