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Remember When April 14, 2022

10 years ago (2012)
•Southwest Minnesota Habitat for Humanity has announced that the Sheryl Staeffler family will become the owners of the house scheduled to be built in Luverne this summer.
Habitat has three principal criteria for family selection, which are need, ability to pay, and willingness to partner with Habitat.
Habitat sells its houses to homeowners with 20- to 30-year mortgages at zero percent interest.
Monthly principal payments are made to Habitat and are used to pay for the construction of other homes.
The new owners also make monthly payments toward property taxes and hazard insurance.
Staeffler and her three children will contribute 300 hours of their own time and labor toward the completion of their home.
25 years ago (1997)
•Two speech veterans, Matt Ebert and Matt Tilstra, will represent two Rock County schools in the state speech tournament in Shakopee Saturday.
The 1995 and 1996 State Champion Ebert, representing Hills-Beaver Creek High School, is returning for a third run for top honors in the great speeches division with a speech called “An Indefensible War,” by Eugene McCarthy. Ebert is a senior.
Tilstra, a senior from Luverne High School, took top honors in discussion in the section tournament in Marshall April 12. He participated in the state speech tournament in discussion in 1996, where he took sixth place. This year the discussion topic is America’s Changing Work Force.
50 years ago (1972)
•Planting of Luverne’s newest “little park” is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week. It is one of several community beautification projects now under way. The park is to be known as Moccasin Park. Designed by Mrs. Chester Holm, it is being established in memory of the late Mrs. Al Winters.
75 years ago (1947)
•Four Rock countians were aboard the luxury liner, the “Queen Elizabeth”, when she went aground in a fog at the entrance of the bay at Southhampton, England, Monday.
They are Mr. and Mrs. George Haakenson, and Mr. and Mrs. Haaken Haakenson, of Luverne, who left April 3 with Norway as their ultimate destination.
They planned to be in England for two days, and then sail from Newcastle for Norway on April 16 aboard a Norwegian passenger ship for Bergen and Tysness, Norway, where the brothers have a sister and other relatives. They are expected to return after a three months visit.
100 years ago (1922)
•In tearing down the old residence on the former Jas. Marshall farm near Beaver Creek, now owned and occupied by County Commissioner O. I. Godfrey, a copy of Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, published in New York December 15, 1877, was found between the walls.
Leslie’s was then an eight-page paper with fourteen-inch columns to the page. Three of the pages were given over to illustrations. It was a splendid publication from an editorial standpoint, with well balanced advertising columns.
While rather dilapidated looking, the copy carries its age well. The front page consisted of a cartoon entitled “The Balance of Power in the United States Senate,” with the dividing line much in evidence. It portrayed the ship of state in a storm—with the ballast becoming unmanageable. Strong editorials on “The Battle in the Senate,” “The Russo-Turkish War,” and “The Influence of War on Inventions” were published.

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