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On the record

Dispatch report
April 1
•Complainant reported that her vehicle broke down in Beaver Creek. She requested a ride to a motel in Luverne. Given a voucher through Salvation Army.
•Minnesota Highway Patrol requested our drug dog at a scene for a sniff on I-90 MM 1 westbound.
•Complainant reported a verbal argument with a woman and would like to speak with an officer about it.
•Complainant reported being concerned about his daughter, as he has not heard from her in the past few days. Complainant requested that we check and make sure she was OK and have her call him. Subject called us and is fine and will make contact with her father.
•Complainant reported seeing one and possibly two dead cows in a field on 40th Avenue. Complainant noticed them about a week ago. One is by a creek and they are still there today. Sent deputy to check it out.
•Deputy reported that he was contacted by Minnesota Highway Patrol for a K-9 assist with a drug sniff on the interstate.
•Complainant reported that she lost a brown leather wallet with a small design on it sometime this past Wednesday. It has her personal information in it. Advised her to call Social Security Administration as soon as possible.
•Complainant reported that he has tools that he is trying to get back from an employer. Deputy spoke with employer who said to wait until Monday to figure out a pending property dispute.
•Complainant reported about five teenage kids in dark clothes were lying in the intersection at Warren and Estey streets. Deputy spoke with some kids and told them to stop.
•Deputy reported someone flagged him down to advise of a lot of water coming out of the awning at 208 E. Main Street. No other buildings on Main Street are having that problem. Called owner to have her check it out.
•Deputy cited two males for careless driving.
April 2
•Deputy reported he warned two subjects about curfew violations.
•Complainant reported a bike in their yard on W. Dodge Street since Thursday. It was brought to the Rock County Sheriff’s Office.
•Deputy reported a vehicle at County Rd. 20 and Hwy. 23 is a hazard. Attempted to contact owner. No contact made. Called Erwin’s to tow.
•Complainant reported that his front license plate had been stolen sometime during the night. Stated that it was parked outside Pizza Ranch. Entered as stolen. Plate was turned in and they had to get new.
•Complainant reported someone in a newer red Trail Blazer was shooting out the window south of Hardwick. Trooper said he will also be out checking the area.
•Complainant reported a possible burglary. Door was open and there was a mess of stuff in the house.
•Complainant reported that her ex-husband is parked at her house in Luverne and she has a DANCO order against him.
•Complainant requested that a deputy accompany a man that is coming to get his tools. Property was exchanged without incident.
•Complainant reported that her ex-mother-in-law has called her 15 times in last half hour and won’t stop. There is no harassment order in place. Deputy spoke with complainant and also advised woman to stop calling complainant.
•Nobles County deputy reported a silver Jeep tried to run a man off the road in Nobles County. Driver is now in Rock County. Complainant will sign a complaint.
•Complainant reported a female came in and wrote a check for $150 for a $10 meal. Check turned out to be bad. Complainant requested to know if the owner could take the rest of the cash out of her check. Civil matter.
•Sioux Falls, S.D., reported that Valley Springs, S.D., F.D. was en route to a grass fire in Valley Springs. Requested mutual aid. Paged Beaver Creek F.D. Metro called back and advised the fire was out and Beaver Creek can cancel.
•Complainant reported possible criminal sexual abuse.
•Complainant reported that she has filed for divorce and the legal papers say no property is to leave unless both parties agree. Complainant stated her ex took a steel 5th wheel plate without her consent.
•Complainant reported a Bonneville with Arkansas plate has been all over the road for five to 10 minutes. Gave to MHP and advised deputy.
April 3
•Complainant reported that he was having an argument with his wife and she took his keys.
•Deputy arrested a man for violation of an order for protection.
•Complainant reported they were driving on the cliff line trail at the state park in a gray Ford Windstar and are stuck in the mud. Advised deputy and contacted G&S and game warden.
•Complainant requested a “welcome back” escort for the youth wrestling charter bus that is returning from state. They are going to Luverne High School.
•Complainant reported vandalism to a vehicle.
April 4
•Complainant reported her ex contacted her again.
•Complainant reported smoke around a gray house at E. Lincoln and N. Blue Mound streets. Paged Luverne F.D. Fire chief cancelled as it was a wood burning stove. Sheriff advised the stove would be put out. The owner was advised of the city ordinance.
•Deputy picked up a man on a probation violation and took him to jail.
•Complainant reported a black woman left a yellow house behind the American Legion and took a large black bag and deposited it in the Legion’s dumpster. Deputy talked with offender and had her get the garbage she deposited and warned her not to let it happen again.
•Complainant reported they received a forged check.
•Deputy escorted a man to get his personal belongings.
•Complainant reported that there has been a van parked in a parking lot on N. Spring Street for the last two weeks.
•Complainant reported that his wife drove down N. Donaldson and heard a loud noise and heard something hit the car. He stated that he looked at the car and there is a dent and he thinks it was shot with a BB gun.
•Complainant reported that there had been a fight in her front yard on Main Street with a group of boys.
•Complainant requested extra patrol around her house because of a family issue.
April 5
•Complainant reported that a subject came into the motel and was somewhat belligerent and possibly intoxicated. Went to the other end of the building to get a pop and never returned. Requested that it be checked out. Suspect fled.
•Deputy advised that he and the Murray County K-9 were doing a search of the Luverne School this morning.
•Complainant reported a small grass fire in the east ditch along 100th Avenue 1/2 mile south of 81st Street. Dispatched Luverne F.D.
•Complainant reported a fight on E. Main Street. Two guys were beating another person. Two men were cited for disorderly conduct.
•Complainant reported that she and her neighbors have been having people knock on her doors and windows at night and no one is at the door. She stated they come anytime between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m.
•Complainant reported that a young girl had not taken the bus to her foster home and requested us to check and see if she’s in Luverne.
•Complainant reported that he had been assaulted and needed an ambulance. He was beaten on the head and the people who assaulted him are gone. Contacted Nobles County to assist in looking for man. He was located and taken to Nobles County Jail.
April 6
•Complainant reported they found a license plate on the sidewalk at the school. Owner was notified and picked up the plate.
•Complainant reported someone is still dumping garbage in their dumpster. Deputy cited the woman who had been previously told not to put her garbage in there.
•Complainant reported abuse and neglect of children.
•Deputy reported that two tires were dumped on 111th Street.
•Complainant reported that a red Dodge Dakota pickup with South Dakota plates and a freezer or dog kennel in the bed ran a stop sign and almost hit him at 21st Street and Hwy. 75.
April 7
•Complainant reported someone lost part of their load three miles north of Magnolia on County Rd. 3. There are boards with nails sticking up all over the road. Notified the county highway department.
•Complainant requested a deputy be in the area when they go to a visitation of a client.
•Complainant reported a man drinking out of a whiskey bottle and driving.
•Complainant reported their dog has been missing for a week. Today it came home wearing a different collar. She thinks someone came on their yard and stole it.
•Complainant requested to be PBT’d for court.
•Deputy reported that a vehicle lost a window from the topper on his truck.
•Complainant reported that her son’s bike was stolen. It is lime green and white in color. Brand is “Next Enforcer” and there are silver pegs on all the tires.
•Deputy noticed a door kicked in and windows open on a house on N. Blue Mound Avenue. House was checked.
•Complainant reported a newer blue Mongoose bike with pegs on the wheels was stolen.
In addition, officers responded to 4 motor vehicle accidents, 4 transports, 8 animal complaints 7 paper services, 11 ambulance runs, 2 fingerprint requests and issued 52 burn permits.

Conciliation court
•Lloyd Management Inc., representing Rock Creek Townhomes, is entitled to judgment against Melinda J. Kruse, Luverne, in the amount of $2,465.
•Lloyd Management Inc., representing Rock Creek Townhomes, is entitled to judgment against Kendra E. Lampron, Luverne, in the amount of $1,241.79.
•Accounts Management Inc., representing Avera McKennan Hospital, is entitled to judgment against Bonnie Lingen, Hills, in the amount of $2,261.01.
District court
•Kelsey Lynn Wessels, Ellsworth, is guilty of hit and run — driver fail to stop for accident; pay $235 fine.
•Bruce Norman Gluf, Luverne, is guilty of failing to obey control signal — school crossing guard; pay $335 fine.
•Bonnie Mae Behr, Beaver Creek, is guilty of fourth degree DWI. She is sentenced to 90 days in jail, which is stayed on the following conditions: 1) be placed on supervised probation for one year; 2) pay $500 fine with applicable surcharges and fees; 3) undergo chemical use assessment; 4) pay chemical dependency assessment surcharge; and 5) attend a MADD panel. 


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