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On the Record Sept. 4-11, 2020

Sept. 4
•Complainant on W. Dodge Street reported a parking issue.
•Complainant on railroad track west of Manley on County Road 4 reported road hazard.
•Complainant on 71st Street, Valley Springs, reported theft.
•Complainant on 80th Avenue, Hardwick, reported a stolen battery.
•Complainant on N. Cedar Street reported suspicious activity.
Sept. 5
•Complainant on S. Fairview Drive reported a car theft in progress.
•Complainant on 20th Avenue and County Road 13, Hills, reported a road closure sign is knocked down.
•Complainant on Hatting Street and S. Freeman Avenue reported suspicious activity.
•Complainant on W. Luverne Street reported child has left home and not returned.
•Complainant on N. Spring Street reported possible oven fire.
Sept. 6
•Complainant on Carsrud Circle reported a break-in and theft.
•Complainant on 110th Avenue, Hardwick, reported gunshots in the area.
•An abandoned phone call was reported on 10th Avenue, Beaver Creek.
•Deputy assisted transients on S. Kniss Avenue.
•Complainant on E. 1st Street, Hardwick, reported suspicious activity.
Sept. 7
•Report of trooper stopped subject on Commerce Road.
•Report of an abandoned vehicle at W. Mead Court.
Sept. 8
•Key found at location on Fletcher Street.
Sept. 9
•Subject in Canton was arrested on Rock County warrant.
•Complainant reported an outage.
•Complainant on W. Dodge Street reported theft of political flag.
•Deputy conducted extra patrol in Hardwick.
Sept. 10
•Complainant on 41st Street and 50th Avenue, Hills, reported railroad blocking roadway.
•Complainant S. Cedar Street reported reckless driving.
Sept. 11
•Complainant reported theft.
•Driving complaint at location eastbound on Interstate 90 on the off ramp to Highway 75.
•Complainant on 81st Street, Beaver Creek, reported a homeless party walking.
In addition, officers responded to 3 motor vehicle accident, 6 escorts, 18 ambulance runs, 10 paper services, 1 animal complaint, 16 fingerprint requests, 1 burn permit, 1 gas drive-off, 3 alarms, 5 purchase and carry permits, 11 traffic stops, 7 abandoned 911 calls, 3 tests, 2 welfare checks, 1 report of cattle out, 2 follow-ups.