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On the Record May 6-12, 2016

Dispatch report
May 6
•Complainant reported a vehicle hitting the shoulder and then crossing over the center line on I-90 eastbound. Can’t tell if she is texting or not. Transferred call to State Patrol.
•Sherriff arrested subject on Jackson County warrant.
•Complainant reported possible child abuse/neglect.
•Dispatcher received several 911 calls from McDonald’s that were pocket dials, and no one would answer back. It sounded like one of the workers. Sent deputy to check.
•Complainant reported he will be changing locks, as per attorney request, on a house in foreclosure.
•Complainant has an order for protection and she is getting messages from the respondent. She will either call back to have a deputy take a look at the messages she is getting or bring in a copy.
•Complainant reported four-wheelers are driving in the ditch along County Road 4 between Luverne and Beaver Creek.
•Complainant reported he lost his camo wallet with National Guard on it.
•Complainant reported a strange vehicle in the area and wanted it documented.
•Deputy arrested subject for DWI and for having a cancelled driver’s license. He was taken to jail.
May 7
•Complainant reported a resident passed away, and they would like a deputy to come.
•Complainant reported child neglect.
•Complainant reported mailbox is missing. This is not the first time he has had to replace it. Complainant wanted it documented.
•Complainant reported 12-year-old child driving on 20th Avenue.
•Complainant requested deputy for traffic control on May 9 while some track checking is done. Complainant will call Monday morning with a specific time.
•Complainant reported a vehicle with 2 different license plates from different states. Deputy conducted a traffic stop and was assisted by Minnesota Highway Patrol.
•Complainant reported 103 would be out for special duty.
•Complainant reported a man trying to break in to her home. Actual location Pipestone County. Pipestone County took over the call.
•Complainant reported his camper would be parked in front of the bowling alley overnight. He was told he needs permission from the city.
May 8
•Deputy reported vehicle parked at County Road 5 and County Road 6.
•Complainant reported her vehicle was stolen. It was entered into NCIC and located in Woodbury County, Iowa. They also found some of her belongings along the roadside. Vehicle was towed to Sioux City, Iowa.
•Complainant reported the open sign is on at a business, and the door is open at location. No sign of forced entry. No one around. Contacted key holder.
May 9
•Reserved for predatory offender registration.
•Complainant requested sheriff come to the transfer station to look at something.
•Complainant requested a welfare check on subject. Vehicle is not there, and he is not answering his door.
•Complainant reported subject hit her Lifeline button, and they can’t make contact. Contact was made, and she didn’t realize she hit her button.
•Complainant reported a car driving erratically on Highway 23. Transferred to State Patrol.
•Complainant dialed 911 on 911 only cell twice. Could hear them ordering at McDonald’s, but no response from subject and no sign of emergency. Pocket dial.
•Dispatch received 911 hang up from location with child in background. Contacted front desk, and they advised there is only one child staying there, and they play with the phones.
•Complainant reported there was a recliner in the middle of the road just north of location. Complainant moved it off the roadway to the east side.
•Complainant requested a welfare check on his son.
•Complainant reported theft of a box that was delivered to their house.
May 10
•Dispatcher received an abandoned 911 call. Looked back at number. We have received calls from this number before. There have been false call issues with the phone line. Deputy went to location and advised no activity.
•Complainant reported subject made threatening remarks and requested to have a deputy stop there and talk with them.
•Complainant requested a welfare check on her daughter.
•Complainant reported possible child abuse.
•Dispatch received a 911 call with what sounded like wind and a musical toy. Pocket dial.
•Complainant reported child neglect.
•Complainant reported there is an Ellsworth bus driver who speeds through the trailer court. Complainant advised she spoke to the superintendent at Ellsworth, and the bus driver is denying speeding. Complainant would like extra patrol in the area between 4 p.m. and 4:15 p.m.
•Complainant reported a line down low, one end sitting on a house, on Brown Street between Freeman and Estey. Subject advised the wire always hangs like that. He will mention it to the company and see if anything can be done.
•Complainant reported someone went through her vehicle. Nothing appears to be missing.
May 11
•Complainant reported that he is buying a vehicle and would like a deputy to verify that the VIN number on the paperwork matches the vehicle.
•Complainant reported she is being stalked and harassed. She was advised to contact an advocate and get a restraining order.
•Complainant reported she is being harassed by the subject in the previous incident report. She was told to get a restraining order.
•Complainant reported his daughter was having car trouble north of Luverne. She pulled over on a gravel road and someone pulled up behind her. Now her phone just goes to voicemail. Gave to Highway Patrol also. Daughter is in Luverne and is OK. Deputy located vehicle parked in a field approach on 181st Street.
•Complainant reported a red Subaru Crosstrek was stolen from Subaru of Sioux Falls. It has stolen South Dakota plates on it 07341A. Subject has been reported to be driving it to visit his girlfriend in Luverne. She lives in an apartment complex by a restaurant.
•Complainant reported they would be repossessing a vehicle in Hills.
•Complainant reported a small motor bike blew a stop sign about 20 miles per hour. Young driver with a passenger. Complainant is willing to sign a statement.
•Complainant reported something that occurred in another county. Turned it over to them.
•Complainant reported that all the lights were out at the freeway exit. Dispatch was notified that the state is aware and working on it. It may not get fixed until tomorrow. Possible transformer. All cars notified.
May 12
•Reserved for narcotics laws.
•Complainant reported her purse was stolen from her vehicle.
•Complainant reported that she found lots of little papers all over and saw a wallet in the street. Owner was contacted to pick it up at the sheriff’s office.
•Complainant reported someone went through his vehicle during the night.
•Complainant requested a deputy accompany him to do a probation check on subject.
•Complainant reported someone stole some things out of her vehicle.
•Complainant reported someone stole a cell phone from the school.
•Complainant reported someone smashed her window and stole some stuff from her vehicle.
•Complainant reported an empty purse found in front of the building on the 200 block of South Kniss Avenue. It has fringe on it and something attached.
•Complainant reported a red four-door sedan in the fast lane westbound on I-90 in the middle of the road. There is a young female walking around it. Notified deputy and State Patrol.
•Complainant reported a suspicious white minivan driving around location last night. Driver was a white male. He was shining a light around. When he saw her he asked if she had seen a dog.
•Complainant reported she found stuff all over the lawn this morning from her car, and cash is missing.
•Complainant reported a red Dodge pickup all over the road. Turned southbound on Highway 75. Transferred call to Lyon County.
•Deputy arrested subject on probation violation and took him to jail.
•Complainant reported all units will be out for training.
•Complainant reported screaming and yelling in an alleyway. Suspect took off in a white pickup and headed toward Sioux Falls.
•Complainant requested a probation check on subject.
•Complainant reported possible stuck light. Deputy investigated and reported the light works fine.
In addition, officers responded to 4 motor vehicle accidents, 1 deer accident, 2 transports, 1 funeral escort, 10 traffic stops, 12 ambulance runs, 1 paper service, 8 animal complaints, 2 fingerprint requests, 7 log/alarm sheets, 13 drug court tests, 4 money escorts, and issued 1 purchase/carry permit and 19 burn permits.

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