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On the Record May 20-26, 2016

Dispatch report
May 20
•Complainant reported a vehicle in a church parking lot. Deputies checked it out, and everything is OK.
•Complainant reported a young man came to her door at 6:05 a.m. asking for help finding his girlfriend. He would not tell complainant the girlfriend’s name. Complainant suspects he is high or drunk.
•Complainant reported people trespassing on her property. This incident has already been reported and is connected to a previous call.
•Complainant reported that some 911 test calling will be done at location on Tuesday, May 24, after 5 p.m. He was advised to call the law enforcement center and inform them of the calls before they begin.
•Complainant reported a semitrailer with flatbed parked on the shoulder with no hazard lights on. Complainant was concerned for public safety.
•Complainant reported items stolen from his storage unit.
•Complainant reported kids driving erratically squealing tires and heading west on County Road 5.
•Complainant reported a piece of metal is sticking up on the railroad tracks. Deputy requested railroad be contacted.
•Complainant requested a welfare check on children.
•Lyon County received a 911 call of a red or maroon Chevy Colorado all over the road. Turned into Hills. Caller is not following the vehicle at this time.
•Complainant reported some gas is missing from some containers. The containers are still there.
•Deputy arrested subject for DWI and took him to jail.
•Complainant reported that her kids and friends are having a small bonfire in the back yard. She has an alleyway driveway. A red Chevy extended cab pickup with chrome plating has been driving through the alley and around the block. It did stop and a younger looking person, that appeared to be a girl with long hair in her face, got out. The person was wearing something white. She walked through near the kids.
•Complainant reported now that school is out, kids are standing around near the bowling alley being loud between 10:30-11 p.m.
•Complainant reported there is a vehicle behind the city shop. Deputies went to check on it, and it was gone.
May 21
•Complainant reported loud yelling and swearing. Deputy found a verbal argument between two people and told them to quiet down for the night.
•Complainant reported she had a call from a woman who said she found a World War II medal with her husband’s name on it. The name wasn’t quite the same. Complainant hung up and did not give any information.
•Complainant reported he just caught someone stealing things off his pickup.
•Deputy conducted a check on subject.
•Deputy reported open door when he stopped to do a business check. Checked the building and turned off the lights and locked the door.
May 22
•Complainant reported a milk truck swerving on County Road 11 headed toward Steen.
•Complainant reported a possible suspect in the thefts may be in Luverne at this time.
•Complainant reported someone stole some stuff out of his garage. One of the things missing is a four foot high four drawer dresser, sponge painted black and red. There were personal items in there also.
•Complainant reported theft of tools. They were located. Unfounded report.
•Complainant reported he needed help getting back into bed.
•Complainant requested information on traffic laws.
•Deputies did a business check. Everything was OK.
•Deputies did a business check. Found a few unlocked places.
•Deputies did a business check. Found an unlocked door. Contacted key holder.
•Deputies did a check on different areas in town. All was locked up and normal.
•Deputies did a check on a business and found an open door. Contacted key holder.
•Deputy arrested subject for second degree DWI and took him to jail.
•Deputy did business checks in Hills. Everything appeared to be normal.
May 23
•Complainant reported vandalism to his property on N. Estey.
•Complainant reported vandalism to his property on N. Estey.
•Complainant received a 911 hang-up. Tried calling back multiple times. Sheriff investigated and reported everything is OK.
•Complainant reported a spill that occurred when a hose that connects a pump to tank broke, spilling 200-300 gallons of syrup into the grass. Responsible party will dig up the impacted soil and dispose of properly.
•Complainant reported possible sex offense.
•Complainant reported she has a flat and no jack. Transferred her to State Patrol.
•Complainant reported vandalism to property.
•Complainant reported three kids riding bike at location and going out into the street. Complainant wanted a deputy to go and talk to them. Deputy spoke to two boys and one girl at Estey Street and Barck Avenue and advised them to stay off the street.
•Complainant reported a Native American male shoplifted some items. They followed him out of the store, but he took off in a vehicle with paper plates.
May 24
•Complainant reported theft of a bike from the school. It was located elsewhere.
•Complainant reported road signs down north of Kenneth on County Road 3 where the road curves. Rock County Highway Department was contacted.
•Complainant called 911 for a welfare check on a subject in Minneapolis. They were told to contact the Minneapolis Police Department.
•Complainant reported a commercial fire alarm at location. Paged the Luverne Fire Department. Concrete company got dust in one of the rooms and set off the alarm.
•Complainant reported a silver car with South Dakota plates that almost hit her as it came off the I-90 ramp. Complainant advised the car was smashed up and had plastic over some windows, and she thinks it almost hit her because she can not see through the plastic. State Patrol was notified.
•Complainant reported a vehicle went through a red light turning from Highway 75 onto Main and almost hit a person. The vehicle is a tan four-door car that pulled into the liquor store.
•Complainant reported they found a social security card belonging to someone in Luverne. Notified owner.
•Deputy arrested subject for DWI and took him to jail.
•Complainant reported that it was late. He just put his kid to bed, and there are what sounded like motorcycles revving their engines or racing on the south or west side of the elementary school. Squads went to location. All quiet.
•Complainant reported a vehicle pulling a trailer with no lights.
May 25
•Nobles County requested a welfare check on a suicidal male who may be in Luverne. Nobles County located subject.
•Complainant reported he has received two calls saying they are from the government, and he has been chosen to receive $7,000. They asked for his bank account info so they could deposit the money. He did not give any information.
•Nobles County reported that a man is heading to Rock County and he has a warrant out of Blue Earth County.
•Complainant reported theft of some items from her storage unit.
•Dispatcher received a 911 call with lots of noise, then line went dead. Deputy spoke to a female who was in Hardwick with her friend. The friend has an ex who lives in the apartment in town, and she was headed to Sioux Falls with a couple of guys she met tonight and left subject in Hardwick. She has a ride coming for her. Deputy gave subject a ride to the South Dakota line on I-90.
May 26
•Complainant reported a pedestrian walking on County Road 4 with no vehicle around. Deputies checked area but were unable to locate anyone.
•Complainant reported abandoned vehicle at location. Deputy checked and nobody was around.
•Complainant reported suspicious activity.
•Complainant reported a family/child issue.
•Complainant reported a belligerent teen.
•Dispatch received a 911 call from a business with nothing but static on the line. Sent deputy to check it out. All doors were secure, and no one was around.
•Complainant reported subject has been forging a relative’s name to purchase equipment.
•Complainant reported a couple of little girls at location, one about 7, the other about 2 and only wearing a diaper. The older one was trying to get the younger one home. Complainant took them home.
•Deputy arrested subject for DWI.
•Deputy cited subject for open bottle at County Road 4 and 160th Avenue.
In addition, officers responded to 3 motor vehicle accidents, 2 transports, 1 funeral escort, 36 traffic stops, 16 ambulance runs, 2 paper services, 9 animal complaints, 1 driver’s license check, 3 fingerprint requests, 7 log/alarm sheets, 7 drug court tests, 4 money escorts, and issued 5 purchase/carry permits and 6 burn permits.