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On the Record May 13-19, 2016

Dispatch report
May 13
•Deputies found an open door on a business. They did a walkthrough, and nothing appeared to be missing. Notified owner.
•Complainant reported someone threw a brick through his vehicle side windows. A wallet was stolen with credit cards in it.
•Complainant reported an abandoned vehicle along the roadway at location. Complainant also mentioned items in the ditch. Deputy investigated. Subjects are on their way to Montana and were sleeping in the vehicle. Subjects will pick up items in the ditch and move on.
•Complainant requested to know why his ex didn’t get a citation for no insurance on his vehicle. The vehicle is registered to complainant, and he dropped the insurance.
•Complainant requested a deputy escort her to get some property that belongs to her.
•Dispatch received abandoned 911 call. Dispatch called back and complainant advised he was putting his case on his phone and dialed by accident. No signs of distress.
•Complainant reported the theft of an item from his apartment. He knows who did it. Complainant called back the next day and said the items had been returned.
•Complainant reported a transient hanging around the 300 block of West Hatting Street. He was given a room for the night through Salvation Army.
•Complainant reported a group of juveniles running around knocking on windows.
•Deputy made a traffic stop and arrested subject on a warrant out of Blue Earth County. He was taken to jail.
May 14
•Complainant called 911 due to being broken down at location. Contacted G&S to tow vehicle to Papik Motors. Deputy transported complainant to Super 8.
•The Hills Fire Department conducted a burn for training.
•Complainant reported a couple of four-wheelers riding around the 600 block of West Lincoln Street going fast.
•Complainant reported subject called a deputy at his home and started to rant.
•Metro Communications requested a welfare check on subject.
•Complainant reported a house in flames at location. Transferred to Minnehaha County. Minnehaha County requested mutual aid. Paged Hills Fire Department.
•Deputy found an open door on a building.
May 15
•Complainant reported a bicycle was abandoned up against a tree at location. The bike has been there about a week. Deputy picked up the bike.
•Complainant reported a very rusted truck and trailer parked by the bathrooms at the fairgrounds that has a chain holding the two together. It is not moving, but complainant believes it belongs to a guy from Edgerton and thinks it is very unsafe. Deputy advised it does have a hitch on it and the chains are just wrapped around the bumper.
•Complainant reported a branch in the southbound driving lane on the bridge that goes over I-90. Deputy moved the branch off the road.
•Complainant reported that someone has been in the house and has vandalized a personal item.
May 16
•Deputy arrested subject for domestic assault. He was taken to jail.
•Complainant reported cases of pop broke open all over the intersection of location. City Hall was advised and will send the street department. Sheriff did traffic control.
•Nobles County requested we be on the lookout for a vehicle that may be in Rock County. Notified deputies and sheriff.
•Complainant reported theft of items from a storage unit.
•Complainant reported a suspicious vehicle watching his home from the roadway on 121st Street. Sent sheriff to check it out.
•Complainant reported subject threatening to burn down her property in the county.
•Complainant reported possible sexual abuse.
•Complainant reported she just broke up with her boyfriend, and she is concerned about his welfare. She would like someone to check on him.
May 17
•Complainant reported vandalism to property.
•Complainant reported his mailbox was damaged again. He is sure it is farm equipment and not vandalism.
•Complainant turned in a wallet he found in the gutter. No cash. Lots of cards. Owner is camping at Blue Mounds State Park and will pick up her wallet on Thursday, May 19, before noon.
•Complainant reported possible child abuse.
•Complainant reported a suspicious vehicle that may be abandoned at Schoneman Pond.
•Complainant requested a deputy for a child being disruptive.
May 18
•Deputy patrolled school zone.
•Complainant brought in three license plates that were found in the car wash, and he didn’t want them reported as stolen.
•Deputy reported a stalled abandoned vehicle at Highway 270 and County Road 6.
•Complainant reported they will be distributing Bibles for the Gideons today off grounds by the school in Luverne and tomorrow in Beaver Creek.
•Complainant reported cars at G&S are blocking the view of Kniss Avenue. Deputy reported a couple of cars are too far over the sidewalk. Contacted owner, and he will take care of it.
•Complainant reported a shoplifting. Suspect is possibly driving a gray or silver Ford Focus with paper plates.
•Complainant came in to the Law Enforcement Center to report some items stolen. Deputy spoke to suspect’s parents, and they advised that all listed items would be returned tomorrow, May 19.
•Complainant reported someone came into their home and stole some things sometime during the day.
•Deputy arrested subject for third degree DWI and took him to jail.
May 19
•Deputy removed tire from roadway at Highway 23 and County Road 12.
•Complainant requested a deputy to open the impound lot, so they could spray.
•Complainant reported a small amount of damage done to road right-of-way at Dodge Street and Blue Mound Avenue.
•Complainant requested immediate assistance in having boyfriend removed from her apartment. Deputy advised that parties were separated. She has keys and has locked doors. Subject was advised that his return to property will be immediate arrest.
•Complainant stated that his ex girlfriend will not leave the place they once shared. Deputy removed female from residence, as she is not on the lease. After she retained two dogs and a few personal items, she was advised to call the sheriff’s office when she wanted to retrieve the rest of her belongings.
•Complainant reported she is homeless and does not have a place to stay tonight. She was given a room for one night through Salvation Army.
In addition, officers responded to 7 motor vehicle accidents, 1 vehicle in ditch, 1 gas drive-off, 2 transports, 2 funeral escorts, 5 traffic stops, 13 ambulance runs, 4 paper services, 12 animal complaints, 1 fingerprint request, 7 log/alarm sheets, 5 drug court tests, and issued 4 purchase/carry permits and 10 burn permits.

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