On the Record March 6-13, 2020

Dispatch report

March 6

•Complainant on N. Kniss Avenue reported a trespasser.

•Complainant on N. Kniss Avenue reported an assault.

•Complainant on Church Avenue, Steen, reported a driving complaint.

March 7

•Complainant on S. West Park Street reported a possible fire.

•Deputy checked on a vehicle on County Road 2, Edgerton.

•Complainant on W. Main Street reported a missing child.

March 8

•A building check was conducted at Redbird Field.

•Complainant on N. Kniss Avenue requested a deputy for a patient.

•Complainant requested a ride for a homeless man.

•Complainant on County Road 9, south of County Road 4, Luverne, reported a green Crotch Rocket going extremely fast.

•Complainant on W. Luverne Street, Magnolia, reported a student ran from facility.

•Complainant on 90th Avenue found a cabinet in the roadway.

•Deputy reported suspicious activity on W. Hatting Street.

March 9

•Subject with warrant reported at location on 171st Street.

•Suspicious activity reported at location on 100th Avenue.

•Deputy escorted subject to impound.

•Disorderly subject was reported at location on W. Main Street.

•Accident reported eastbound on Interstate 90, mile marker 10, near Luverne.

•Complainant requested DOT breath test.

•Complainant requested a warrant check.

March 10

•Complainant on W. Warren Street reported a power outage.

•Complainant on E. Maple Street reported vandalism.

•A warrant was served on subject at location on E. Brown Street.

•Complainant on Main and Minnesota, Steen, filed a parking complaint.

March 11

•Complainant reported a two-vehicle accident on Highway 75 and 21st Street, Steen.

•Complainant reported a two-vehicle accident with no injuries on County Road 6, Hills.

•Complainant reported a rolled vehicle with no injuries on County Highway 4 and 190th Street, Magnolia.

•Complainant reported a vehicle rollover with no injuries on 190th Avenue and south of Interstate 90 ramp, Magnolia.

•Complainant reported a stop sign was run over at location on 141st Street and Highway 75.

•Complainant westbound on Interstate 90, mile marker 6, Beaver Creek, reported a vehicle in median.

•Complainant on N. Summit Avenue, Hills, reported minors vaping on school bus.

•Complainant on Main Street reported property lost.

•Complainant requested assistance with baby seat.

•Complainant eastbound of Interstate 90, mile marker 2, Beaver Creek, reported a cyclist on interstate.

•Complainant on W. Hatting Street reported threatening behavior.

•Another department assisted state patrol on a traffic stop on Interstate 90, mile marker 7, Beaver Creek.

March 12

•Complainant on Minnesota Highway 23, mile marker 2, Beaver Creek, reported two round bales in roadway.

•Complainant reported a found child.

•Complainant on E. Maple Street reported a scam.

March 13

•Deputies assisted other agency on Interstate 90, mile marker 18, Magnolia.

In addition, officers responded to 1 vehicle in ditch, 2 follow-ups, 4 transports, 7 escorts, 19 ambulance runs, 3 paper services, 4 animal complaints, 2 fingerprint requests, 16 burn permits, 1 impound vehicle, 1 drug court test, 6 purchase and carry permits, 2 stalled vehicles, 55 traffic stops, 7 abandoned 911 calls, 3 tests, 2 welfare checks, and 2 reports of cattle out.


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