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On the Record March 25-April 2

Dispatch report
March 25
•Complainant on County Highway 4, Magnolia, requested deputy patrol area due to speeding trucks.
•Complainant on W. Hatting Street reported a man with a knife.
•Suspicious activity was reported at location on Estey and Lincoln streets.
•Complainant on S. Estey Street reported a motor vehicle theft.
•Complainant on State Highway 23 requested we pull a dead deer off the road.
March 27
•An accident with property damage was reported at Oakley and Howe.
March 28
•Complainant north-bound on Highway 75 from Luverne reported an emergency vehicle driving erratically.
•Complainant on W. Barck Avenue reported a loud fight and threats of assault at location.
March 29
•Complainant requested to speak to a deputy about a possible fraud.
•Complainant on E. Luverne Street reported someone is messing with thermostats in the building.
•Complainant on Interstate 90, mile marker 14, Magnolia, reported harassing behavior.
•Complainant reported a broken window.
•Complainant one mile west of Luverne reported a fire at location.
•Complainant on 160th Avenue, Edgerton, reported a fire.
•Complainant on Cedar Street reported a set of keys found on roadway.
•Complainant on E. Warren Street reported a probation violation.
•Complainant on S. West Park Street reported a disturbance and verbal altercation.
March 30
•Complainant requested to speak to a deputy about an ongoing issue.
•Complainant on 3rd Street E., Jasper, would like to file a theft report.
•Another department requested information.
March 31
•Subject was arrested on Watonwon County warrant.
•Complainant on 121st Street reported a scam phone call.
•Complainant on 191st Street reported a microwave was dumped in ditch near location.
April 1
•Narcotic law violation was reported at location on Interstate 90, mile marker 13, Luverne.
•Property damage was reported at location on S. Kniss Avenue.
•Complainant on Walnut Avenue reported theft of property at location.
•Complainant on N. Freeman Avenue reported a parking issue.
April 2
•Complainant on S. Freeman Avenue and W. Hatting Street reported a controlled gas purge at location.
In addition, officers responded to 3 motor vehicle accidents, 1 deer accident, 6 escorts, 20 ambulance runs, 2 paper services, 5 animal complaints, 10 burn permits, 2 alarms, 4 drug court tests, 11 purchase and carry permits, 1 stalled vehicle, 10 traffic stops, 8 abandoned 911 calls, 5 tests, 1 welfare check and 1 OFP.

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