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On the Record March 2-12, 2021

Dispatch report
March 5
•Complainant on U.S. Highway 75 and W. Gabrielson Road reported a pedestrian light malfunction.
•Complainant requested to speak to deputy about a license issue.
•Complainant on 171st Street, Jasper, reported a suspicious vehicle in the area.
•Complainant requested to speak to deputy about a business matter.
•Complainant reported someone tore up the grass at county park.
•Complainant reported a phone outage.
•Complainant on Interstate 90, mile marker 2, Valley Springs, reported debris in roadway.
•Complainant on E. Fletcher Street reported possible court order violation.
•State patrol requested county assistance on Interstate 90, mile marker 11, Luverne.
•Complainant east-bound on Interstate 90, mile marker 9-10, Beaver Creek, reported a driving complaint.
•Complainant on Interstate 90 from Magnolia to Sioux Falls reported an intoxicated person who may drive.
March 6
•An outage was reported in Luverne.
•An outage was reported on N. Oakley Street.
•Complainant on Interstate 90, mile marker 11, Valley Springs, reported a vehicle swerving on the road.
•Complainant on 131st Street, Magnolia, reported prohibited items being burned.
•Complainant on Highway 23, Jasper, reported a semitrailer ran his vehicle off the road.
March 7
•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue, reported a suspicious vehicle in parking lot.
•Vehicle was parked at location on County Road 8 and State Park.
•Complainant on U.S. Highway 75, Luverne, reported two kids fishing on unstable ice.
•Complainant on W. Lincoln Street reported a sewer issue.
•Complainant on E. Luverne Street reported vandalism.
•Complainant on N. Spring Street requested to speak to a deputy.
March 8
•Complainant on Interstate 90, Beaver Creek, reported a man standing outside his vehicle pointing a bow.
•Dispatch reported a phone outage.
•A wallet was found at location on Edgehill Street.
•A stolen vehicle was recovered in Sioux Falls.
•Extra patrol was requested at location in Hardwick.
•Subject was arrested in Worthington on Rock County warrant.
•Complainant on W. Main Street requested a deputy check on vehicle.
March 9
•Complainant on S. Fourth Street, Beaver Creek, reported a scam.
•Disorderly subject was reported at location on E. Luverne Street.
March 10
•Deputy was out with vehicle.
•Complainant at Sanford Hospital reported a child locked in car.
•Complainant westbound on Interstate 90, mile marker 10, Magnolia, reported an accident/property damage.
•Complainant west-bound on Interstate 90, mile marker 3.5, Beaver Creek, reported they went into the ditch.
March 11
•State patrol requested assistance with accident westbound on Interstate 90, mile marker 10, Luverne.
•Complainant on 120th Avenue, Luverne, reported an FBI warrant scam.
•Complainant observed driving with suspended license.
•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported suspicious person at location.
March 12
•Complainant on 171st Street, Luverne, reported a trespassing issue.
In addition, officers responded to 3 deer accidents, 2 vehicles in ditch, 9 escorts, 25 ambulance runs, 2 paper services, 8 animal complaints, 1 fingerprint request, 13 burn permits, 2 background checks, 1 gas drive-off, 5 alarms, 3 drug court tests, 11 purchase and carry permits, 3 stalled vehicles, 27 traffic stops, 10 abandoned 911 calls, 2 welfare checks, 2 OFPs and 4 follow-ups.

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