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On the Record March 19-25, 2021

Dispatch report
March 19
•Deputy out with vehicle at location on County Road 8 and 161st Street, Luverne.
•Complainant on County Road 6 and 161st Street, Luverne, reported property damage.
•Complainant on W. Bishop Street reported possible theft occurring.
•Report of train blocking roadway at location on 41st Street, Hills.
•Complainant had questions on proper license plate mounting.
•Complainant eastbound on Interstate 90, mile marker 20, Magnolia, reported a driver speeding.
•State patrol requested deputy assistance on Highway 23 and County Road 17, Beaver Creek.
•Complainant on 161st Street and 60th Avenue, Luverne, reported structure fire.
•Complainant on S. Church Avenue, Hills, reported vandalism.
March 20
•Complainant on Crawford Street requested information on transporting firearms.
•Complainant east-bound on Interstate 90, mile marker 13, Luverne, reported a reckless driver at location and moving east.
•Complainant on Rapp Street and Jackson Street reported suspicious activity.
March 21
•Complainant on Highway 23, Jasper, reported driving complaints.
•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported an accident with property damage.
•Complainant on Evergreen Drive reported a stolen vehicle.
•Complainant on W. Warren Street and S. Donaldson Street reported a vehicle with an open door.
March 22
•Complainant on E. Fairway Drive reported issues with her medic alert pendant.
•Complainant on W. Main Street reported the back window on vehicle broken out.
•Complainant on 5th Street, Hills, reported threats from neighbor.
•Complainant on 41st Street and 50th Avenue, Hills, reported railroad crossing malfunction.
March 23
•Complainant on N. McKenzie Street reported harassment from subject.
March 24
•Complainant on S. Church Street reported a social media harassment situation.
•Complainant on N. Cedar Street reported a suspicious phone call.
•Complainant on W. Bishop Street reported a social security scam.
•Complainant on Highway 60, Iowa, reported a reckless driver.
•Complainant in Steen reported a shed broken into at location.
March 25
•A warrant was issued.
•Complainant on W. Fairview Drive reported vandalism.
•Complainant on S. West Park Street reported a verbal dispute.
•Complainant on S. West Park Street reported property damage.
In addition, officers responded to 2 vehicles in ditch, 1 transport, 8 escorts, 21 ambulance runs, 1 parking violation, 2 paper service, 3 animal complaints, 3 fingerprint requests, 12 burn permits, 1 vehicle impound, 1 background check, 5 drug court tests, 5 purchase and carry permits, 3 stalled vehicles, 26 traffic stops, 8 abandoned 911 calls, 1 test, 2 welfare checks, 2 reports of cattle out, 1 OFP and 1 follow-up.

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