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On the Record from June 3-9, 2016

Dispatch report
June 3
•Deputy reported an abandoned vehicle off the roadway. Advised State Patrol.
•While patrolling downtown during the nighttime hours, a deputy found an issue with a couple of vehicles and requested that the day car notify owners about the issues.
•Complainant reported theft of tools this past weekend.
•Dispatcher received several 911 calls from a tower in Minnesota, but the site was pinpointed in South Dakota. Gave to Minnehaha County and also sent our deputy to check the area.
•Complainant requested extra patrol in a few neighborhoods around town. There have been some minors out at late hours, and they found beer cans.
•Reserved for predatory offender registration.
•Complainant requested help with an investigation.
•Complainant requested assistance with getting out of the house due to power being out. Deputy responded and said all is OK. The power is back on.
•Dispatch received 911 call from location. No answer on voice or callback. Deputy was sent and reported subject is OK.
•Complainant reported a runaway teen. When he was found, he was taken to Southwest Youth Services in Magnolia.
•Complainant requested to speak with a deputy concerning some personal issues.
June 4
•Deputies arrested subject for fifth degree controlled substance and took him to jail.
•Complainant reported a man swimming in the pond near a capsized boat. Looked like he was struggling to swim to shore but did have a life jacket on. Complainant did not stop to render aid in any capacity. Deputy went and reported all is OK.
•Deputies arrested subject for fifth degree possession of narcotics. Subject was taken to jail.
•Complainant reported he lost a black wallet, possibly at the old car wash. Called back and said he located it.
•Complainant requested extra patrol in the area to watch for kids who are out disturbing the peace.
June 5
•Complainant reported someone from the neighbor’s yard just threw a can of pop over the fence and hit his daughter with it.
•Deputy arrested subject for DWI and took him to jail.
•Deputy reported vehicle parked on the shoulder on County Road 6 south of I-90. It is not a hazard. On June 6 the vehicle was still at location, so deputy requested to have Erwin’s tow it. Erwin’s was notified.
•Complainant reported lots of screaming going on in the 600 block of North Spring Street.
•Complainant requested to speak to deputy regarding subjects trespassing on his property.
•Complainant reported patient in emergency room with a dog bite.
•Deputy removed three juveniles from the creamery pond. They were told the owner does not want people there at 11 p.m. and does not want juveniles unaccompanied at any time.
•Complainant reported two vans blocking his driveway. Subjects are standing outside smoking and wandering into complainant’s yard.
June 6
•Deputy found an open door on a business. Contacted owner.
•Complainant reported theft of a vehicle. It was located in another city.
•Complainant reported her relative lost her checkbook somewhere in town during Buffalo Days.
•Complainant reported a vehicle that has been parked in their lot for at least three hours and suspects it may be stolen. Deputy checked it out and reported that there is nothing suspicious about the vehicle, and if the complainant wants it towed, that is up to them since it is on private property.
•Complainant requested a deputy present while she removes some items.
•Complainant requested to speak with a deputy about some child custody issues. Complainant says her ex husband took their daughter to North Carolina. She was advised to speak to an attorney.
•Deputy cited subject for driving after revocation. Vehicle released to valid driver. Subject got a ride from location with another party.
•Complainant reported he is following a vehicle that has been tearing up his yard, and subject in the vehicle has been threatening his daughter. The vehicle is going approximately 95 mph down County Road 8. Vehicle was stopped, and driver was cited and warned to stay away from them.
•Complainant reported subject came to her home and broke her nose. Subject located and taken to jail.
June 7
•Complainant requested a gas voucher. Denied.
•Complainant reported a Henning Construction truck speeding east down Main Street heading out of town. Complainant thought it would be in Adrian soon. Dispatch contacted Nobles County.
•Complainant reported a vehicle eastbound on I-90 with two white males that displayed a gun to a caller. Dispatch passed info to deputies. Dispatch advised an address belonging to the registered owner of the vehicle to deputies, and the vehicle was found at that location. Deputies made contact with two males. The two subjects had Airsoft guns in the vehicle. All deputies cleared the scene and turned it over to Patrol at 1:29 p.m.
•Complainant reported a strange phone call made to her cell phone. Dispatch advised complainant to contact Verizon for a call log from her number.
•Complainant requested a residence check for a week.
•Deputy assisted another county upon their request.
•Complainant reported a forgery.
•Complainant reported a vehicle in the intersection overheating. Deputy arrived on scene to find that good Samaritans had pulled the subject’s car to a friend’s house.
•Complainant found identification belonging to subject. Subject contacted the law enforcement center inquiring. He will pick it up.
•Complainant reported a missing stop sign at intersection of Veterans Drive and the hospital. Dispatch notified city personnel.
•Complainant requested information on how to get an order for protection on someone.
June 8
•Deputy did door checks for all businesses around town.
•Deputy witnessed a female take a cell phone out of a vehicle. He went into business to confirm it was her mother’s.
•Complainant reported theft of a wedding ring. Called the next day and said ring was found.
•Complainant reported an individual driving drunk with a child in the vehicle.
•Complainant reported large fence posts in the road on Highway 75 at Interstate Drive. Debris removed.
•Complainant reported someone scratched his vehicle and carved a word into it.
•Complainant reported that there has been a suspicious vehicle circling her block the last few days, and now today someone got out, and she is worried they are on her property.
June 9
•Dispatcher received a 911 call with a small child that sounded like he was playing on it.
•Complainant received a report of child neglect.
•Complainant received a report of child abuse from years ago.
•Dispatch received several 911 calls about an accident at location as well as road buckling. Notified State Patrol. Accident and buckle are in South Dakota. Notified South Dakota Highway Patrol.
•Deputy assisted another county upon their request.
•Complainant reported a man in a red Buick LeSabre, older style, did a U-turn in front of her at location and parked at Sterling’s. Will sign a complaint.
•Complainant reported he feels that his family is being loud and disorderly at the motel regarding issues with a deceased relative’s estate. Wanted law enforcement to ask them to please be quiet. Contacted motel desk, and they advised that there is no disruption or loud or rude behavior. No action taken.
•Complainant reported a red car, partial plate 531, with two males age 18-20 driving slow, and every time she passed them, they would speed up and fly past her. They slammed on their brakes and stopped at the Manley Corner intersection where she rolled down her window and told them to knock it off. The males then swerved toward her like they were going to hit her car. They took off, and then came back. Complainant pulled into a driveway afraid of what the men might do. They drove off, came back toward her, then turned south at Manley Corner. Complainant wanted it noted because she believes she has seen the vehicle before.
In addition, officers responded to 4 motor vehicle accidents, 3 deer accidents, 1 transport, 5 traffic stops, 12 ambulance runs, 4 paper services, 7 animal complaints, 4 false alarms, 7 log/alarm sheets, 10 drug court tests, 5 money escorts, and issued 5 purchase/carry permits and 5 burn permits.