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On the Record from June 10-16, 2016

Dispatch report
June 10
•Complainant reported vandalism to a vehicle.
•Complainant reported that her ex-husband has a warrant out of South Dakota and is definitely driving his vehicle. He drives a tan-colored truck with company name on the side. He lives with his girlfriend now and complainant wanted to talk to a deputy about her rights for her children.
•Complainant had questions regarding parking a camper on the city street.
•Complainant reported theft. Complainant got vehicle information. Dispatch sent an AM message to surrounding agencies pertaining to vehicle and suspect description. Heavy-set Hispanic/Native American female with black tank top and shorts. White male wearing blue cut-off T-shirt and cammo shorts.
•Complainant reported a crack in the road on I-90 between mile markers 5 and 7. Notified State Patrol. They already had notified MN DOT.
•Complainant reported she wanted to speak with a deputy about her 10-year-old daughter being assaulted by a 14-year-old girl. Complainant filled out statement forms.
•Complainant reported a stolen lawn mower he suspects was taken a week ago. He would like to file a report for insurance.
June 11
•Complainant reported a vehicle that is close to blocking the end of her driveway.
•Complainant reported the roadway buckled at location about 4 inches. Dispatch contacted Minnesota Highway Patrol. The road had been repaired once by MN DOT, but he would let them know again.
•Complainant requested a deputy for traffic control as a poker run makes its way through the intersection at Highway 75 and Main Street.
•Complainant requested information on how to obtain a restraining order against someone who has been harassing her. Dispatch advised complainant to contact court for a restraining order and gave complainant the number to the Southwest Crisis Center for more guidance.
•Complainant requested a welfare check on her father. Subject was arrested, as per his probation officer, for a probation violation when deputies got there. He was taken to the Pipestone County Jail.
•Complainant reported a blue pickup driving on the walking path at location.
•Complainant reported there were some guys messing with the gas pumps, and thinks they were putting credit card readers on the pumps because that’s what people do now. Deputy advised there was a group of kids at location that said they were not by the pumps, and they did not see anyone at them.
June 12
•Complainant reported a car in front of him all over the road. Transferred to Minnesota Highway Patrol. Deputy reported he was out with vehicle just into Nobles County. Complainant is willing to sign a complaint. G&S was contacted for tow.
•Deputy received a report of a man walking at 101st Street and 120th Ave. He gave the man a ride home.
•Complainant reported she was supposed to have time with their daughter and her ex will not allow her to see her. Deputy spoke with the subject, and he said the last time the complainant was supposed to have the children, she tried to commit suicide. Complainant was told to contact an attorney.
•Complainant reported a trespassing issue at a property that she owns near Kanaranzi. The subject does not have a right to be there.
•Complainant requested information on how to get to the hospital. She did not need help currently but can’t afford to take the ambulance when she needs to go to the hospital.
•Deputies arrested two people for fifth degree possession of drugs with children present and took them to jail.
•Complainant reported his vehicle had been damaged at his location sometime last night. Wanted to report the damage for insurance reasons.
June 13
•Complainant reported an iPhone was either lost and then taken by someone or stolen. Complainant’s daughter does not have phone in her possession, and when they text and call it someone answers but won’t talk to them.
•Complainant reported subject has some mental health issues and complainant feels someone should be checking him out.
•Complainant reported they had some counterfeit bills.
•Complainant requested to speak to a deputy about her son being harassed by their landlord.
•Complainant reported a person with bow and arrow on east side of the veterans pond. Thought it was dangerous.
•Complainant believes her cell phone was stolen at Shopko.
June 14
•Deputy found an open door to a business. Made contact with key holder.
•Complainant reported a suspicious car. It looks like a red car with two people sitting in it. Parties in question were located. They are staying at a nearby apartment, so were sent that way.
•Complainant reported a hole in the road about the size of a five-gallon bucket on County Road 3 north of the state line. It is soft under it. Contacted the Highway Department, and a deputy will wait until he gets there.
•Complainant reported possible sex offense.
•Complainant reported their Meals on Wheels people hear subject through door and banging. Thought he may be hurt. They did not go in or render aid in any way and left the scene. Deputy reported everything is OK, and subject was yelling for Meals on Wheels people to come in and leave food inside.
•National Weather Service reported Rock County is in a severe thunderstorm watch until 9 p.m. hours.
•Complainant reported that he had towed two cars off I-90 at mile marker one with flat tires. Thought there may be an issue with the road. Notified State Patrol.
•Pipestone County Deputy reported he was flagged down in Jasper to report that a semi was driving with its trailer doors open on Highway 23 south of Jasper. Requested deputy check on it.
•Complainant reported he thinks they received a counterfeit bill. It passes ink test, but looks different to them.
June 15
•Complainant reported a pickup in his driveway with the lights on for approximately one to two hours. Driver is slumped over the steering wheel. G&S contacted for tow. Driver was arrested for DWI and taken to jail.
•Complainant reported his home alarm going off in North Carolina. He was advised to call local police in North Carolina.
•Complainant reported his vehicle broke down. He did not know where he was at and confused about where he was going. First he said he was going to Sioux City, then Sioux Falls, but had no idea where he was coming from. He would not give an address and said he was staying with people. When asked what kind of vehicle he was driving he hung up. Map showed he was on County Road 4 between Manley and Beaver Creek south of I-90. Deputy brought him to the Sheriff’s Office, and he refused help and left on foot.
•Complainant reported his neighbors are blowing grass onto his landscaping when they mow. This is the second time it’s happened.
•Complainant stopped in to update his predatory offender registration.
•Complainant reported possible sex offense.
•Complainant reported that the crosswalk lights at location do not work properly. Complainant’s son was just about hit by a motorist, and she is very upset. Complainant claims this is an ongoing problem with the lights not reacting to people crossing.
•Complainant requested to speak with someone about missing property. The Sheriff advised complainant that his issue was a civil matter.
•Complainant reported a vehicle driving erratically on I-90 around mile marker five.
•Complainant reported that his son took his vehicle, and the vehicle broke down and is at Manley Tire and Oil, but his son is nowhere to be found. Deputy brought the son to the Rock County Sheriff’s Office to find him some help, but the son, who is of age, wanted to leave and find his own. Son was located later that night.
•Complainant reported six kids under the age of 16 without any adult supervision are jumping all over the display fire truck and are possibly damaging it. Complainant would like a deputy to talk to them. Deputy spoke with kids about respecting property. All kids denied wrongdoing.
•Complainant reported a door-to-door salesman, and he wasn’t sure he had a license. Complainant thought it was something we should look in to.
•Complainant reported a suspicious vehicle at location on the south end near the dam at the Rez Park in Hills.
•Deputy arrested subject, by request of probation officer, for a violation and he was taken to jail.
June 16
•Deputy arrested subject for disorderly conduct during a domestic situation and took him to jail.
•Complainant reported debris on the road on I-90 mile marker 12. Deputy removed it.
•Complainant reported lights at the crosswalk at Barck Street and Highway 75 do not always work properly, and when they do, people don't’ always stop. She is concerned for children that are crossing.
•Complainant reported unfit living conditions.
•Complainant reported an abandoned vehicle at an apartment house. Management was told that they would have to have the vehicle towed since it was on private property.
•Complainant reported they have a man who keeps coming to their facility, and he is not welcome there. They have had problems with him in the recent past. Deputy informed him he is to leave and not come back or he will be charged with trespassing.
•Great Plains Processing reported that due to contamination hazards, nobody will be allowed around their facility lot during the Fourth of July party at the creamery pond. They will be placing barricades around the area, but would like the Sheriff’s Office to be aware and help keep the area secure.
•Complainant reported some of her outside day care toys have been stolen.
•Complainant says music coming from a vehicle rattles her windows.
•Complainant reported a silver sedan on I-90 near mile marker six speeding and lane swerving.
•Complainant reported a key hanging out of an access panel box at one of the new crosswalk lights at location. Dispatch notified MN DOT, and they asked that we pull the key and leave it at dispatch to be picked up tomorrow.
•Complainant requested to speak with a deputy about some issues his wife is having with her landlord at location.
•Complainant says there are children in the alley behind location with BB guns, or they could possibly be Nerf guns. Complainant wasn’t certain.
•Dispatcher received a call where the caller identification said it was the Mary Jane Brown Home. Contacted them, and caller said she would call back if she needed us. Deputies went to location to make sure things are OK. Deputy reported everything was OK, and the call may have come from Poplar Creek. He is checking it out. At this point unfounded.
In addition, officers responded to 4 motor vehicle accidents, 1 funeral escort, 7 traffic stops, 21 ambulance runs, 9 paper services, 6 animal complaints, 1 false alarm, 7 log/alarm sheets, 3 drug court tests, and issued 2 purchase/carry permits and 4 burn permits.