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On the Record Feb. 26-March 5, 2021

Dispatch report
Feb. 26
•Complainant on County Highway 4 and 100th, Luverne, reported vehicle with flashers on.
•Deputy assisted with motorist on 100th Avenue and 21st Street, Steen.
•Complainant on W. Warren Street reported a man on the roof.
•Hennepin County arrested subject on Rock County warrant.
•Dispatch reported a phone outage.
•Complainant on N. Prairie Avenue, Sioux Falls, reported suspicious people around his property.
•Complainant on N. Estey Street reported open door at location.
Feb. 27
•Driving complaint was reported on County Road 13, Hills.
•Phone outage reported at location.
•Dispatch reported a phone outage at location.
Feb. 28
•Complainant on 171st Street reported theft of vehicle titles.
March 1
•Complainant east-bound on Interstate 90, mile marker 5, Beaver Creek, reported a hitchhiker on roadway.
•Dispatch reported a phone outage.
•Abandoned vehicle reported at location on W. 1st Street, Hills.
•Complainant reported a phone outage.
•Complainant on 90th Avenue and County Road 4, Luverne, found medical supplies on the side of the road.
March 2
•Complainant on 180th Avenue, Edgerton, reported a deceased person.
•Complainant westbound on Interstate 90, mile marker 407, Valley Springs, reported pedestrians on interstate.
•Complainant on 41st Street, Hills, reported a train blocking roadway.
•Complainant on County Road 6 and 101st Street, Beaver Creek, reported a suspicious vehicle.
•Complainant on 180th Avenue, Kenneth, reported a found body.
March 3
•Complainant on Main Street and Kniss Avenue reported a female standing in the middle of the road.
•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported suspicious activity.
•Complainant reported theft.
•Accident was reported at location on N. Kniss Avenue.
•Complainant on N. Kniss Avenue and W. Adams Avenue reported found social security card.
•Vandalism was reported on S. McKenzie Street.
•Complainant on N. Kniss Avenue reported theft.
•Missing person was reported at location on E. Christensen Drive.
•Complainant requested to speak to deputy about a possible drunk driver.
•Dispatch confirmed a warrant.
March 4
•Complainant on W. Virginia Street reported house was egged by vandals.
•Accident was reported at location on 20th Avenue, Valley Springs.
March 5
•Complainant on U.S. Highway 75 and W. Gabrielson Road reported pedestrian light malfunction.
•Complainant requested to speak to deputy about license issue.
•Complainant on 171st Street, Jasper, reported a suspicious vehicle in area.
In addition, officers responded to 1 motor vehicle accident, 2 deer accidents, 1 vehicle in ditch, 2 transports, 9 escorts, 24 ambulance runs, 2 paper services, 2 animal complaints, 2 fingerprint requests, 16 burn permits, 1 background check, 1 gas drive-off, 3 alarms, 2 drug court tests, 5 purchase and carry permits, 19 traffic stops, 13 abandoned 911 calls, 2 tests, 2 welfare checks, and 1 follow-up.

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