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On the Record Aug. 21-28, 2020

Dispatch report
Aug. 21
•Complainant at Redbird Field reported kids climbing up the netting.
•Complainant in Redwood County detained subject on Rock County warrant.
•Complainant reported lost glasses.
•Another department provided assistance on 121st  Street and 180th Avenue, Magnolia.
•Complainant on W. 4th Street, Sioux Falls, reported subject in custody.
•Complainant on 50th Avenue, Hills, reported found billfold at location.
•Sudden death. Body found was reported at Blue Mounds State Park.
Aug. 22
•Assault was reported at location on N. Cedar Street.
•Complainant on W. Mead Court reported friend left with vehicle.
•Complainant on S. Church Avenue reported a property dispute.
•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported subject with active warrant.
•Complainant reported an observance in the area.
•Complainant on U.S. Highway 75 reported individual using a gas-powered boat at location.
•Complainant on N. Estey reported property accident at location with no injuries.
•Complainant west-bound on Interstate 90, mile marker 18, Magnolia, reported vehicle for dangerous driving.
•Property was found on County Road 4 and 110th Avenue.
•Complainant on E. 1st Street, Hardwick, reported subject in her home is refusing to leave.
•Missing person reported in Sioux City.
Aug. 24
•Possible burglary in progress at E. Christensen Drive.
•Complainant on N. Kniss Avenue requested deputy for disorderly patient.
•Complainant on E. Main Street requested to speak to deputy about dumpster diving.
•Complainant on N. Freeman Avenue requested to speak to deputy.
Aug. 25
•Complainant arrested subject with Rock County warrant.
•Threats were reported at location on N. Cedar Street.
•Complainant requested breath test for employee.
•Complainant eastbound on Interstate 90, mile marker 10, Luverne, reported pigs falling out of truck.
•Complainant on N. Oakley Street reported that kids are riding a lawnmower.
Aug. 26
•Complainant west-bound on Interstate 90, mile marker 11, reported a feed bag on the roadway.
•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported a transient at gas station.
Aug. 27
•Complainant on W. Lincoln Street reported a stolen vehicle.
•Complainant requested employee take a breath test.
•Complainant on 115th Street reported vandalism.
•Complainant on Airport Road, Worthington, requested transient pick-up.
•Assistance from another department was requested on W. Mead Court.
Aug. 28
•Complainant on W. Mead Court reported harassing communications.
In addition, officers responded to 1 motor vehicle accident, 2 transports, 9 escorts, 19 ambulance runs, 7 paper services, 2 animal complaints, 5 fingerprint requests, 2 burn permits, 1 gas drive-off, 5 purchase and carry permits, 11 traffic stops, 9 abandoned 911 calls, 3 tests, 3 welfare checks, 1 follow-up.

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