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On the Record Aug. 13, 2020

Dispatch report
July 31
•Possibly intoxicated driver reported at location eastbound on Interstate 90, mile marker 3, Beaver Creek.
•Complainant on E. Dodge Street reported loud music and yelling.
•Assistance from another department was requested on Ahlers Avenue, Magnolia.
•Complainant on S. Oakley Street reported property stolen from porch.
•Complainant on County Road 3 reported a kid running in roadway.
•Assistance from another department was requested at the location on Sherman Avenue N., Jasper.
•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported water issues at location.
•A driving complaint was issued at County Road 4 and County Road 11, Luverne.
•Extra patrol was requested at location on 161st Street, Luverne.
Aug. 1
•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported road and drive laws.
•Complainant on County Road 4, Luverne, reported property damage.
•Complainant on Edgehill Street reported a kid locked in car.
•Complainant on N. Cedar Street reported a stolen bike.
Aug. 2
•Theft from vehicle was reported at location on Elm Street.
•Pedestrian was reported at location on County Road 6, Beaver Creek.
•Complainant on N. East Park Street reported theft from vehicle.
•Complainant on E. Main Street reported multiple vehicles driving inside the city park.
•Complainant on Highway 23 and 121st Street reported vehicle for dangerous driving.
•Complainant on Elm Street reported some lights shining in his window.
Aug. 3
•Subject in Worthington was arrested on warrant.
•Complainant on W. Warren Street reported renter left without notice.
•Complainant on E. Main Street, Hardwick, reported vandalism.
•Complainant on W. Bishop Street reported landlord was in her apartment.
•Complainant on 181st Street, Kenneth, requested information about hauling a propane tank.
•Complainant on N. Freeman Avenue reported she is getting strange phone calls.
Aug. 4
•Complainant on Abbott Avenue, Magnolia, reported possible identity fraud.
•Complainant reported bank account used fraudulently.
•Complainant on E. Lincoln Street reported package delivered to wrong address.
•Complainant on 190th Avenue, Kenneth, reported a fire at location.
•Report of possible impaired driver at location southbound on Highway 75.
Aug. 5
•Complainant on S. Donaldson Street reported missing person.
•Roadside assistance was requested on S. Kniss Avenue.
•Complainant on N. Kniss Avenue reported vulnerable adult situation.
Aug. 6
•Complainant requested information about a prior CFS.
•Complainant at 71st Street, Beaver Creek, reported a trespassing issue.
•Deputy on N. River Road, Luverne, assisted removing property.
•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported a man walking at location and looks disheveled.
•Complainant on County Road 35, Adrian, reported adjacent county pursuit.
In addition, officers responded to 3 motor vehicle accidents, 1 deer accident, 1 transport, 7 escorts, 35 ambulance runs, 6 paper services, 1 fingerprint request, 7 burn permits, 1 impound, 3 alarms, 18 purchase and carry permits, 16 traffic stops, 9 abandoned 911 calls, 3 tests, 3 welfare checks, 1 report of cattle out and 1 follow-up.

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