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On the Record April 22 to 28, 2016

Dispatch report
April 22
•Dispatcher received a 911 hang-up. Turned out to be a domestic situation. Male left the home on foot. Crisis Center was contacted also.
•Complainant reported they would be doing a prescribed burn at the state park for five hours.
•Complainant reported an object flew off a passing vehicle and struck her parked car. Complainant stated that a coworker witnessed the activity and was willing to be interviewed.
•Complainant reported that her son didn’t come home on the bus tonight, and she did not send a note stating that he would go anywhere else. He did tell her before school that he wanted to go to a friend’s for a birthday party, but she did not know the name and had told him that he was to come home. Child is eight years old, in second grade, with blond hair and blue eyes. He is wearing camo pants and a yellow Sponge Bob T-shirt with grey suede shoes with red trim. He is approximately four feet eight inches tall. Dispatch contacted the school, and the child was located at the birthday party.
•Complainant reported that there was hog poop all over the road, and cars were having to pull over to let others go around. Deputy went to location to check and found a county highway truck scraping the road to clean it up.
•Deputy spoke to a bunch of kids at city park on river road and told them to get down off the bridge. They were not to be up there.
•Complainant reported a small green car, no muffler, tearing up the parking lot and street by the elevator. Deputy stopped vehicle at Fletcher Street and Freeman Avenue and gave a verbal warning for driving conduct on subject. Deputy will speak to his father, and if he has future problems, citations will be issued.
•Deputy checked on a vehicle on 131st Street to make sure they were supposed to be there. It was an employee of the construction company.
April 23
•Deputy reported a vehicle without plates in Beaver Creek behind Rauk’s. Tire was shredded. They have family on the way to pick them up.
•Complainant requested a deputy respond to Power Fitness and speak with owner.
•Complainant reported her windshield had been broken out. Complainant is concerned if she gets pulled over tonight she will get a citation. Deputy noted it is due to the vandalism.
•Complainant reported a lot of mud on the road at County Road 3 and 81st Street. Deputy spoke to someone from Eastern Farmers Co-op. They are sending someone to clean it.
•Complainant reported some kids playing on railroad bridge at location. Worried they would fall in river. Sent deputy to check on them.
•Complainant reported subject has been harassing them.
•Complainant reported someone stole one of their vehicles.
•Complainant reported he thinks someone to the south of his place on 140th Avenue is shooting something explosive because there are loud booms rattling his windows.
•Complainant reported that people nearby are lighting off fireworks.
•Deputies arrested subject for fifth degree possession of drugs.
April 24
•Complainant reported six girls about 14 years old were at Redbird Field and turned on the lights. When she told them to turn them off, they told her they didn’t know how and smarted off to her. Two went one way and four another.
•Pipestone County dispatcher received a 911 call from Rock County. When she called back, a male answered and said “no” when asked if he had an emergency and hung up. No sounds of distress. It sounded like he had been sleeping.
•Complainant reported careless driving by subject.
•Dispatcher received a 911 call from the 100 block of South Estey Street.
•Deputy made contact with people having a fire going on the 100 block of West Fletcher. There is a burn ban on.
•Complainant reported his golf cart was stolen. Cart was located in the 300 block of South West Park Street. It must have been pushed. They didn’t have a key. No apparent damage.
•Complainant reported that her car broke down on the 100 block of North Freeman. It is parked legally, and Connell’s is going to get it in the morning.
•Complainant reported vandalism.
•Complainant requested help getting into bed. He can’t get his leg up.
•Rock County is in a severe thunderstorm watch until 2200 hours.
•Complainant reported a purple pickup speeding through the alley several times on the 500 block of North Cedar Street.
•Complainant requested a welfare check on her children. They are with their father, and there are some issues.
April 25
•Complainant reported subject was making threats on social media.
•Papik Motors reported a vehicle was taken from their lot. It was recovered by the Sioux Falls Police Department.
•Complainant reported a man walking north on Highway 23 with a suitcase. Wanted someone to check on his welfare. Transferred call to State Patrol.
•Complainant reported they had equipment stolen out of a directional digging machine.
•Dispatcher received a 911 call with no one on the line. Tried to call back several times and sent deputy to the area.
•Reserved for search warrant to be executed tomorrow.
April 26
•Complainant requested background checks for two individuals who want to solicit business in Luverne for American Exteriors.
•Complainant reported she locked her keys in her vehicle at the courthouse.
•Complainant reported they had a murder in Sioux Falls last week, and two of the people involved were in Luverne for a couple of days. They were looking for some information on their whereabouts.
•Complainant reported subject went around bus arm at location. Blue and white truck. Garbage truck is what was reported.
•Deputy transported two individuals to jail on drug charges.
•Complainant requested G&S for a tow for a flat tire on the 1500 block of County Highway 4.
•Complainant reported issues with parenting.
April 27
•Deputy was stopped by subject. He was confused as to where he was. Nobles County assisted with making contact with daughter. He was released to his daughter. Deputy will be submitting an examination for driving request and also a report to Family Services to notify Nobles County.
•Complainant requested deputies drive by his house several times tonight as he’s having issues with someone.
•Dispatch received a 911 call that was a pocket dial.
•Dispatcher received a 911 call that was a pocket dial with someone at McDonald’s ordering an Egg McMuffin.
•Deputy reported he threw debris off the road on Highway 23 mile marker seven.
•Complainant reported that a yellow car with Iowa license plates tailgated her from Casey’s then passed her on the right at a high rate of speed. The vehicle turned into Total Card and is parked there. Complainant is willing to sign a complaint.
•Complainant reported that if someone calls in about an order for protection violation being committed, it was he who was driving the vehicle, and he went to pick up an item for subject.
•Complainant requested a welfare check on subject who was supposed to be in for a therapy session. He isn’t answering the phone, and they drove to his house and no one answered the door. Deputy checked on him, and he was fine. Notified complainant.
•Complainant reported when she came home, she noticed that things had been taken out of her garage while she was gone. This is in reference to a previous ICR.
•Complainant reported issues between a mother, father, and their baby in reference to custody arrangements.
April 28
•Complainant reported she lost a wheel off her pickup going up a hill, blocking the right lane. Transferred to patrol. Deputy providing traffic control.
•Complainant reported she started getting messages from on her cell phone. Verizon advised her to report it to us.
•Complainant reported issues with children and custody battle.
•Complainant reported neglect of children.
•Complainant in Hills reported theft of some property.
•Complainant reported that there was just a green sport utility vehicle at that location with cops in it. They were knocking on the front door. She wanted to let us know there was no one in the front apartment. No one here knew anything about any cops in a plain vehicle. She was told to get a license number if they come back.
•Complainant reported a vulnerable adult and requested a deputy check on him.
•Complainant reported that he was flagged down and told that a driver in a white Toyota or Ford drove down and then up the on ramp and then drove the wrong side of Highway 75 northbound. The car then turned by the BP station. Asked to have the city car watch for that vehicle. Older lady, possibly confused.
•Complainant reported that there was an older 1990s Ford Escort or similar vehicle, very loud, driving on the walking trails but has now left. This is not the first time he has done this. He would like a deputy to stop over. He is willing to sign a complaint.
•Deputy found an open door on an abandoned house.
•Complainant in Magnolia reported that subjects are racing up and down the street again. He is upset. They are on disability, and the law lets them get away with everything.
In addition, officers responded to 1 transport, 2 funeral escorts, 11 traffic stops, 16 ambulance runs, 1 paper service, 1 fingerprint request, 4 animal complaints, 1 false alarm, 7 log/alarm sheets, 4 drug court tests, 4 money escorts, and issued 4 purchase/carry permits and 10 burn permits.

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