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On the Record April 15 to 21, 2016

April 15
•Deputy reported that he spoke with wife of subject who has a warrant, and she said he is not staying there at this time.
•Complainant reported criminal sexual conduct.
•Complainant reported burning during a burn ban.
• Complainant, who is a manager at Holiday Station, reported male party peeing in parking lot between stores at location.
•Complainant requested a residence check for a week.
•Complainant requested a room for the night.
•Complainant reported a group of teens knocking on doors and running. Deputy spoke with a group of kids who were being loud and told them to quiet down. They said it was another group of kids who were knocking on doors.
•Complainant reported a car with Iowa plates and adults in it just sitting at location. Complainant thought it was odd this time of night.
April 16
•Complainant reported there was a glass bottle broken near his driveway. He picked up the bigger pieces but was concerned about the smaller pieces being there and kids outside stepping on them. Dispatch suggested he try sweeping it up.
•Deputy had vehicle towed to G&S for no insurance.
•Complainant reported vehicle on fire. Paged Luverne Fire Department.
•Complainant requested a room for the night through Salvation Army. He is from Canada.
•Complainant reported vandalism to a door on a vacant house.
•Deputy arrested subject and took him to jail for fifth degree possession of drugs.
April 17
•Complainant reported a strange car in the area of County Road 4 and North River Road. Checked it out, and it’s legitimate.
•Complainant reported an accidental gunshot wound to a finger while shooting rabbits.
•Complainant reported some kids shooting ducks on the hill on 71st and advised they are out of season. Deputy spoke with the father of one of the boys and said they didn’t have any ducks with them.
•Complainant requested a deputy to give a woman in a wheelchair a ride east from the South Dakota/Minnesota line. A Minnehaha deputy dropped the woman off. She is hitchhiking through. Deputy transported her to the Adrian rest area and handed off to a Nobles County deputy.
•Complainant reported that some four-wheelers are driving on the new bike path at location.
•Complainant reported that her children were not returned on time.
•Complainant requested to speak with someone concerning an ex.
•Complainant reported a newer Ford or Chevy four-door pickup driving up and down Church Street and the alleyways nearby in Hills. Four to five individuals are getting out and looking in people’s windows with flashlights in the alleys.  Deputy spoke with two men who are conducting a neighborhood watch, and they said they were unable to locate kids that had been vandalizing property lately.
April 18
•Complainant reported his pickup and trailer broke down at Donaldson and Harrison Street. He said the vehicle will be moved tomorrow. Dispatch gave the number of OK Taxi to complainant.
•Reserved for emergency response unit callout to Spencer, Iowa.
•Complainant reported various tools and equipment stolen over the weekend.
•Marshall Police Department requested contact information for subject in regard to an abandoned vehicle in a private lot. Owner is from Luverne.
•Complainant reported a man hitchhiking by Gold’n Plump. Deputy picked up subject and took him home. He was a Rock County resident.
•Deputy arrested subject on a Nobles County warrant and took her to jail.
•Complainant reported there are two bicycles at location. He has been yelling, but no one is answering. He is very concerned. Complainant will stay at location and wait for deputy. If he sees anyone he will call. Another complainant called later and said bikes were still there. They appear to be abandoned.
•Deputy reported a stolen gas tank had been seen at subject’s residence in the county.
April 19
•Deputy did a warrant check in the Hills area.
•Complainant reported a family/child issue that occurred out of the county.
•Complainant requested a welfare check on her children. They are with their father.
•Complainant requested a welfare check on her daughter. She is with her father.
•Complainant requested another welfare check on her children who are at their father’s house.
•Complainant reported she was junking today and found two bullets in her junk. She does not want them and asked for a deputy to pick them up.
April 20
•Complainant requested to speak with a deputy in reference to her husband.
•Complainant requested a welfare check on a subject who may be suicidal. Everything was OK. Subject was trying to make someone feel bad.
•Complainant requested extra patrol for area because she has a day care, and kids wait by the road for the bus and others play outside, and there are vehicles that speed down the 160th. Two specific vehicles work in the area and speed by, a red Blazer from the 90s and a white Chevy pickup with chrome stacks. Complainant has asked them to slow down, but they won’t, and the county has put out signs.
•Deputy arrested subject on a Rock County warrant.
•Complainant reported they are being harassed.
•Complainant reported he would have a vehicle parked on the street for a couple of days.
•Complainant reported the theft of a laptop.
April 21
•Dispatcher received a 911 call that was a pocket dial. Called subject back, and nothing was wrong.
•Complainant reported a vehicle went through the school bus stop sign on West Fairview Drive. He will have the bus driver fill out a statement and bring it in.
•Complainant reported she lost her iPhone that was in a turquoise case.
•Complainant reported someone stole the license plates off their courtesy vehicle. Deputy located them.
•Complainant reported there is a three-year-old child at the grocery store, and he came in alone. While deputy was there, a person came forward and said they knew where the child lived. Mother was contacted.
•Complainant reported concerns about her children.
•Complainant requested to speak with someone regarding a court order involving his ex and his children.
•Complainant reported suspect ran complainant off roadway.
•Complainant reported a possible drunk driver on I-90 near mile marker 12.
In addition, officers responded to 2 motor vehicle accidents, 1 deer accident, 1 transport, 1 school zone patrol, 21 traffic stops, 17 ambulance runs, 7 paper services, 6 animal complaints, 2 false alarms, 1 fingerprint request, 7 log/alarm sheets, 4 drug court tests, and issued 6 purchase/carry permits and 33 burn permits.