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July 9 On the record

Dispatch report
June 26
•Deputy reported he is escorting three juvenile males to Hills.
•Dispatcher received an alarm for a business. Contacted key holder who advised we should disregard. He will check it out and let us know if there is an issue.
•Complainant reported he is sitting outside subject’s home waiting for him to come out because subject swindled him out of some money. Complainant wanted to let us know in case anyone called in about him sitting outside. Deputy was advised and spoke with complainant.
•Complainant reported an abandoned vehicle. It is at Hwy. 23 and County Rd. 5 well off the roadway. Owner called in later about it.
•Complainant reported that her husband lost his black leather wallet with cash inside at the grocery store.
•Complainant reported that she just came out to get in her car and someone had put huge dents in the doors. Possibly a hit and run accident.
•Dispatcher received 911 calls from Hills. They sounded like pocket dials. Sent deputy to make sure everything was OK.
•Dispatcher received a 911 hang-up call. Sent deputy who said it was a verbal domestic. Parties were separated for the night.
•Deputy stopped subject and cited him for driving after suspension.
•Deputy stopped vehicle and cited driver for no Minnesota drivers’ license.
June 27
•Deputy arrested subject for DWI and took him to jail. G & S towed the vehicle.
•Complainant reported she and her husband are having a fight and it is getting heated. Sent deputies.
•Complainant reported she wants a person to leave the property and the person will not go. Deputy spoke with subject living here and he had no problem with the person being there.
•Complainant reported a gray SUV parked at the stop sign at Hwy. 75 and W. Virginia Street. SUV is occupied but blocking traffic. Deputy reported that it was gone upon his arrival.
•Complainant requested to speak with a deputy because he was cited and told that he can’t drive anymore because he doesn’t have a license but needs to do chores.
•Complainant reported someone is trying to get money from them.
•Deputy reported a vagrant on S. Kniss Avenue. He was given a ride to the Pipestone County line.
•Complainant reported that they went to a fast food place and subject was working and complainant and subject are not supposed to have contact with one another so they wanted subject arrested for violating the order for protection.
•Complainant dropped off a bank card that was found in Luverne. Owner will come in on Monday to get it.
•Complainant requested a welfare check on subject. Subject was taken to the hospital to be checked out.
June 28
•Complainant reported that his sister and her friend broke into his house to get the keys to his vehicle that he was buying from his dad.
•Complainant reported a rollover on I-90 eastbound, one mile west of Beaver Creek. Found one person ejected with a low pulse. Ambulance requested the helicopter come.
•Complainant reported a red truck with Texas plates sitting across from Erwin’s in Hills. The doors on the truck are open and it is running and unoccupied. Deputy reported the vehicle is parked in a yard next to a camper. No answer when deputy knocked on the door so the radio was turned down on the truck.
•Reserved for predatory  registration.
•Complainant reported that subject returned vehicle from a previous ICR but kicked it and damaged it. Complainant would like to file a report.
•Complainant reported some vandalism.
•Complainant requested some information on how to go about getting an order for protection.
•Complainant reported vandalism to her vehicle.
•Complainant reported a payloader on fire 121st Street.
•Complainant requested a residence check on a house that is supposed to be empty. There are kids throwing furniture over the fence and complainant feels there is underage drinking going on.
June 29
•Complainant reported his ex is trying to take his kid away.
•Complainant reported a theft of property from a vehicle. Vehicle was parked in the driveway.
•Complainant reported someone is trespassing on his property.
•Deputy reported he was flagged down by a motorist who was stranded on I-90 and needed gas. Gave them a ride to get gas and back to their vehicle.
•Complainant reported someone sent her scam email via Facebook. Scam was regarding having to pay money at a local Wal-Mart to receive a check.
•Complainant reported that people have been driving through property and they shouldn’t be there. Complainant is with the driver now.
•Complainant reported subject has walked through his property picking up trash and complainant would like him talked to about it.
•Complainant reported possible child abuse. Contacted Family Services.
•Complainant reported her ex-husband will not bring her daughter out to her and it’s her night. The agreement is verbal only.
June 30
•Complainant reported a small red car in the park with two men acting strange. Sent deputy to check it out and the men told him they were panning for gold in the Rock River.
•Complainant reported that he saw a suspicious person walking around County Rd. 4 and 100th Avenue where they have farm equipment parked. Would like it checked out.
•Complainant reported a CO2 detector chirping. Paged Luverne Fire Department.
•Complainant reported he found a large black dewalt binder in the road.
•Complainant reported a person turned northbound on Kniss Ave. that is possibly drinking out of a beer bottle and driving. They are driving a red, rusty pickup and pulling a trailer.
•Deputy stopped subject for being revoked.
•Complainant reported subject went on a walk around 9:30 p.m. and is not home yet. This is not normal behavior for her. No missing person report at this time. Called back at 11:02 p.m. and subject is home.
July 1
•Deputy reported that he was flagged down by someone reporting there was a young child being dragged across the parking lot by a female in her 70s to a bright yellow 1970s Suburban with California plates. Vehicle was gone when deputy arrived. Put out a BOLO to surrounding counties and states.
•Complainant reported a problem with subject and would like someone to come to their location.
•Complainant reported there is a white Sedan with no plates parked on the street in Beaver Creek. Deputy checked on the vehicle and had G & S tow it.
•Complainant reported a possible drunk driver heading to Beaver Creek. Deputy found the vehicle parked in Beaver Creek.
•Complainant reported a man lying under bushes on E. Maple Street. Complainant thought it was suspicious. Turned out to be someone who had an argument with his sister so he thought he’d sleep in the bushes.
•Deputy arrested subject for DWI. Vehicle was towed and plates stripped. Subject was taken to jail.
July 2
•Complainant reported an open door on a building. Contacted key holder and secured door.
•Complainant reported subject with mental health issues.
•Complainant reported the railroad crossings at 20th Avenue, 121st Street and 231st Street will be closed through the weekend unless they complete the project tomorrow. Sent notice to the ambulance to advise also.
•Complainant reported someone is moving a building down the road and they are making a mess. County Hwy. department advised they have not issued any permits for a building move.
•Complainant reported she left her car unlocked and someone got in and took some things.
•Complainant reported her carbon monoxide detector keeps beeping. She thought it was a low battery so she changed them but it keeps beeping. Faulty detector.
•Dispatcher received an abandoned 911 call from Hills. Called back and spoke to a young girl who said her little sister dialed 911.
•Complainant reported the railroad crossing will be closed overnight at 241st St., 20th Ave. and State Hwy. 23.
•Complainant reported that a man just got out of prison and is not supposed to be out of the state of South Dakota but is in Luverne and she fears for the life of a relative. Suspect is in a maroon Dodge Durango with tinted windows and has a handicap South Dakota plate.
•Complainant reported loud music coming from an apartment just north of Main Street.
In addition, officers responded to 1 motor vehicle accident, 1 transport, 1 funeral escort, 12 ambulance runs, 12 paper services, 9 animal complaints, 7 log/alarm sheets, 8 drug court tests, and issued 1 purchase/carry permit and 13 burn permits.