Wieman: Please support veterans through poppies


To the Editor:

This month is Poppy Month, by proclamation of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton. On behalf of the American Legion Auxiliary, the verbiage of the governor’s proclamation is reprinted here to encourage community members to support the cause.

Beth Wieman, Luverne

American Legion Auxiliary Public Relations


WHEREAS: The United States of America was founded upon the premises that all citizens should enjoy the blessings of freedom and liberty; and

WHEREAS: The freedom and liberty that Americans enjoy, longed for by people around the world, are the direct result of the many sacrifices made by America's veterans; and

WHEREAS: Many Minnesotans have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom; and

WHEREAS: It is fitting and proper that we recognize the courageous efforts of our veterans who have sacrificed to secure freedom and liberty for all Americans; and

WHEREAS: The American Legion Auxiliary, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary have adopted the poppy as their commemorative symbol; and

WHEREAS: Each year, disabled veterans assemble and distribute memorial poppies, creating a tangible tribute to honor our nation's fallen heroes, and benefit living veterans and their families.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, MARK DAYTON, Governor of Minnesota, do hereby proclaim the month of May 2015, as: POPPY MONTH.

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