Pick: Discontinuance of Cardinal Card sale is a loss to everyone

Letter to the editor



To the Editor:

When is enough enough?

I heard over the weekend the Cardinal Club is not selling their coupon cards this year.

Someone called and didn't like the local smoke shop being included on the card.

Now, the smoke shop is a chamber member and sells legal products. I don't smoke, but that’s not the point. Others do.

The cards are a good deal — everybody wins. Local stores sell more, buyers get a discount and the Cardinal Club makes nearly $4,000.

Now maybe we shouldn't buy groceries because they sell smokes and beer. So don't buy gas because they sell smokes and beer, or maybe don't buy a car because they have an ash tray.

Maybe no more hot dogs at games because some poor animal had to die. Soda pop — we all know that’s bad. No more candy bars as they hurt your teeth and make you fat. Popcorn — oh no, my doctor tells me the hulls are bad for my colon.

Maybe we should tell the do-gooders, thanks for calling. Bring in your TSC card and you’re going to get two free punches.

Leon Pick



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