Skydiving classes May 14 in Luverne

May is the U.S. Parachute Association’s Learn to Skydive month, and Skydive Adventures will host a free first-jump training class for those interested in learning to skydive.

The event will be Saturday, May 14, at Quentin Aanenson Field, Luverne, which is the club base for Skydive Adventures.

A certified instructor will teach the three-hour mini course, which will include all the basics for making a solo skydive.

Participants will learn about equipment, aircraft, how to exit, what they’ll need to do in free fall, how to open and land their parachutes, emergency procedures and more.

Those who decide you want to make their first skydive will then pay for the air portion of the jump and receive additional hands-on training before taking to the sky.

Anyone 18 or older may sign up to participate, but slots are limited. For those who want to jump following the ground school, additional weight and health requirements apply.

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