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Luverne High School present 'The case of the missing gobbler'

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Mavis Fodness

A missing turkey, a family of nine children and an ornery grandpa come together next week for Luverne High School’s annual fall play performance.
Curtains open for “The Case of the Missing Gobbler” at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Nov. 4 and 5, in the high school auditorium.
Sharon Boltjes returns as fall play director with 24 students who have been busy for the past month preparing for the Megan Orr two-act play.
Choosing the fall play was an easy decision for Boltjes.
“It has a Thanksgiving theme and that’s why I chose it,” she said.
Central to the story is the turkey, a gobbler named Mortimer (played by sophomore Grace Sweeney). Mortimer is the narrator for the story centered on the Parker family.
The play opens with mom Sandra Parker (Emma Verbrugge) organizing the family’s holiday dinner. Dad Ed Parker (Jordan Winter) is off to work but promises to be back in time for the family get-together.
When mom is called to get Grandpa Leary (Josh Schoeneman) out of jail, she leaves her nine children in charge of the food preparations.
As the Parker’s nine children (Carly Serie, Aidan Bartels, Anika Gust, Donald Ray, Doug Rozeboom, Alexa Chesley, Ashlee Boltjes, Samantha Pierce and Hazel Sailor) begin the dinner tasks, the gobbler goes missing. A ransom note is found in the barn.
Will the turkey be found? Will the children have dinner ready before their parents return?
Those questions are answered at the end of the 90-minute performance.
Adriana Gonzales and Hannah Ehlers play the roles of police officers Thelma and Louise.
Other students involved in the production are Julia Ferguson, Itzel Soto, Nicole Aanenson, Lindsey Roemeling, Logan Bosch, Courtney Wendland, Jake Henckel, Quinn Graber and Gryphon Noerenberg
Concessions will be available before the production and during the play’s intermission.
Cost is $6 for adults and $4 for students (kindergarten through 12th grade). Passes are accepted.

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