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Hills Christian School hosts Fine Arts Night Oct. 28 for grades 3-5

Lead Summary
Glenda McGaffee

The Hills Christian School hosted Fine Arts Night Monday, Oct. 28, for a program that included audience and students singing, student poetry and more. Students in grades 3-5 who read poems included Anne Van Dyken (pictured reading “Messy Room”), Jordan Hartz, Gunnar Bork, Suzie Feucht and Jessa Vanden Bosch. Grades 6 through 8 shared stories about their grandparents. These students were Shelby Alons, Koel Hartz, Matt Alons, Clara Vanden Bosch, Chase Jansma, Reed Feucht, James Vanden Bosch, Case Van Dyken and Robbyn Feucht.

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