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Governor Dayton authorizes disaster assistance for Nobles, Rock and St. Louis counties

Gov. Mark Dayton on Friday authorized the use of funds from the State Disaster Assistance Contingency Account for emergency relief in Nobles County, Rock County, and St. Louis County. 
Certain areas of each county experienced significant damage to public properties caused by a major winter storm with heavy snow and gale force winds, which resulted in subsequent flooding. 
The severe winter storms began April 13 and lasted through May 4.
Rock County will receive, $546,665. Nobles County will get $41,783, and St. Louis County is in line for $506,250.
Aid from the Contingency Account will reimburse counties for public infrastructure repairs and cleanup costs. 
The majority of the costs were related to the damaged electrical lines after more than 100 poles went down in the storm.
The cities of Beaver Creek and Magnolia, area electrical cooperatives of Sioux Valley Electric of Coleman, South Dakota, and L&O Cooperative of Rock Rapids, Iowa, and the Rock County Highway Department combined  their losses  to have $728,886 in material and overtime costs associated with the blizzard.
Under Minnesota law, the state will reimburse 75 percent of eligible costs for public infrastructure repairs and cleanup, with local governments responsible for covering the remaining 25 percent.

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