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Fey Industries donates PPEs to communities where workers live

Lead Summary
Lori Sorenson

Fey Industries, Edgerton, is on a mission to distribute personal protective equipment to everyone who needs it on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.
In addition to filling orders for customers nationwide, the company is donating protective face shields to communities where Fey Industry workers live.
The plan is to donate a box of 50 face shields per community for a total of 1,250. The product retails for roughly $5 per box.
“Our internal 90-day win is to equip a half million medical professionals with PPE products (gowns, face, shields),” Fey said.
“We are approaching 300,000 with our medical PPE product offering.”
Over the last two months the company has shipped medical PPE all over the country. “[It’s] strongest in the Midwest, but it is interesting to see the reach has gone across the country,” Fey said.
The light manufacturing company makes promotional products and packaging and furloughed employees when the pandemic affected business orders.
Several weeks ago, however, the company hired many of them back to help fill orders for personal protective equipment like the gowns, face shields and other new products.

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