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Electrician returns home to start his own business

Lead Summary
Mavis Fodness

More than 20 years after leaving Rock County to work in the Twin Cities, electrician Scott Loosbrock has returned home to start his own business.
“The rural farming blood is in me,” he said.
Loosbrock graduated from Luverne High School in 1994 and learned his trade from Southwestern Technical College in Canby.
He briefly worked with local electrician Al Aanenson before settling in the Twin Cities where he has primarily worked on large commercial projects.
Returning to Luverne this spring, Loosbrock said he finds residential, agricultural and light commercial work more to his liking.
“Every day is something different,” he said.
He said high school friends encouraged him to move back home and start his own business.
The career path that led to Loosbrock Electrical Construction LLC began on a farm south of Kanranzi. His parents, Joe and Karen Loosbrock, asked Mike Loosbrock, an uncle, to wire a pig nursery.
A young Scott helped pull wire and ran conduit throughout the building and the seed was planted for him to go to college to be an electrician.
He and his wife, Lisa, and children Carter, 13, and Ava, 9, moved to Luverne in July, settling in just east of town.
“If we were going to do this (start a business), this is the time,” he said.
Lisa works part-time in accounting for Nobles County Administration and will keep the books for the new business.
Loosbrock said he sees many opportunities within the electrical field.
Changes in technology also make his job interesting, from the development of variable frequency drives for large motors to the inclusion of LED lights in the home.
Continuing education classes, trade magazines and wholesalers keep Loosbrock abreast with improvements in the industry. The public’s search on the Internet also brings him challenging projects.
“There are so many opportunities with electrical,” he said. “Especially with the different technologies.”
More information on Loosbrock Electrical Construction can be found on the website,

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