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District extends contract with Oftedahl through June 2026

Mavis Fodness

Luverne School Board members extended a new three-year contract to Superintendent Craig Oftedahl through June 2026.
He will receive salary increases of 2.75 percent each year with the contract that begins on July 1, 2023. The board approved the contract at their Nov. 22 meeting.
With the increase, Oftedahl’s salary for the 2023-24 school year will be $152,517 followed by $156,711 for 2024-25 and $161,021 for 2025-26. Vacation days will also increase by five days from 25 to 30 days.
The contract extension comes a month after Oftedahl’s annual evaluation on six goals set by the seven-member board, administration and Oftedahl.
Oftedahl’s evaluation ratings ranged from a low of 3.0 to a high of 3.85 on 4-point scale with 4 being the highest. Oftedahl’s overall performance for the 2021-22 school year fell between 4 (distinguished) and 3 (accomplished) with an accumulative rating of 3.47.
Ratings according to district goals were as follows:
1.) Provide leadership for the school district for those prioritized projects identified by the school board, administration and facilities supervisor. Rating 3.57
2.) Provide leadership for the school district based on the political landscape to achieve adequate staffing as necessary in order to sustain the educational programs of the Luverne School District. Rating 3.57
3.) Provide leadership in the area of finances for the school district. There are lingering challenges post pandemic to the fund balance and to remain diligent in our quest to maintain our policy goal. Rating 3.71
4.) Continue to cultivate community partnerships to maximize resources and enhance student opportunities such as CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) and medical class. Rating 3.85
Each school year, Oftedahl has two professional goals that he’s rated on.
Ratings according to professional goals were:
1.) Strengthen communication on a consistent basis for the Board of Education and community. Rating 3.0
2.) Lead the process to improve the efficiency of the district in all areas with focus on bringing job descriptions brought current and up to date. Rating 3.14
Oftedahl started with the Luverne district in 2015.

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