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Brainerd woman attested in connection with local auto thefts

Lead Summary
Lori Sorenson

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office was involved in the arrest of a Brainerd woman who is allegedly connected with vehicle thefts in Hills and Adrian.
According to information released Friday from Sheriff Evan Verbrugge, his office received a call around noon Thursday, Jan. 10, about a possible stolen vehicle from Hills. 
Upon arrival, the deputy located a Buick Rendezvous that was stolen from Lyon County, Iowa, earlier in the morning.
The vehicle that was most recently stolen was a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe belonging to Chris Harnack, Hills.
It was determined later that the suspect, Shakrya Johnson, 22, Brainerd, had entered a residence in Hills owned by Colter Deutsch and had taken miscellaneous items from inside the home.
Johnson was eventually arrested in Nobles County where she had stolen another vehicle from Adrian.
Law enforcement also determined that Johnson had committed a gas drive-off at a gas station in Brandon, South Dakota.
The stolen items from the Harnack vehicle and the Deutsch residence were reportedly recovered, and Johnson is currently held in the Nobles County Jail awaiting formal charges.
Verbrugge said the woman was polite and pleasant. “I was told you would never suspect her as a person of interest,” he said.
He added that Johnson was allegedly affiliated with two males that were arrested the day before near Rushmore for the same thing.
“They stole a vehicle from Lyon County, Iowa, and got to I-90,” Verbrugge said. “I believe she was arrested in Lyon County and was released.  Then the next day she stole another vehicle.”