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Area youth complete in livestock, non-livestock events at Minnesota State Fair

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Mavis Fodness

Fifty-four Rock County 4-H’ers advanced to the 2015 Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul Aug. 24-Sept. 7.
Several 4-H’ers were singled out for outstanding projects in the livestock and non-livestock areas.
Earning a purple ribbon, the highest placing for the non-livestock projects at the state level, were Autumn Hamann, indoor gardening grades 9+; Ryleigh Beers, youth development grades 9+; Brianna Jonas, non-garment exhibit grades 6-8; Trevor Mente, shooting sports grades 6-8; and McKenna Westphal, photography grades 9+.
In livestock, Tommy Norman was named champion showman cow/calf pair, and Ellen Dahl received third.
Hunter Baker’s lightweight black face market lamb was named champion carcass, and Paige Baker’s middleweight black face market lamb was named reserve champion carcass.
Paige Baker also was named a showman medallion winner in sheep along with Christian Kruse. Moriah Flanagan was a showman finalist in meat goats.
Matthew Raak was a showman medallion winner and his red-and-white Holstein was named 3- and 4-year-old production champion.
Other 4-H’ers and their ribbon placings in non-livestock and livestock projects events are as follows:
Tacey Baustian: blue, speckle face market lamb.
Trey Baustian: blue, heavyweight black face market lamb.
Tanner Baustian: purple, market gilt.
Ryleigh Beers: blue, beef junior yearling.
Payton Bork: red, New Zealand doe rabbit.
Annaliese Braucht: blue, photography creative grades 6-8.
County K-9 4-H Club: blue, community pride.
Ellen Dahl: blue, prospect calf – steer.
Whitney Elbers: blue, prospect calf – steer; blue, clothes you make grades 6-8; chef for a day participant.
Gabrielle Ferrell: red, performing arts grades 6-8.
Payton Fick, blue, market heifer; chef for a day participant;
Tyler Fick: blue, registered Yorkshire barrow.
Cassie Flanagan: blue, meat yearling doe goat; blue, needle arts grades 6-8.
Kaley Flanagan: blue, health grades 9+.
Moriah Flanagan: blue, meat goat breeding yearling doe – dry; purple, senior meat doe showman; blue veterinary science grades 9+.
Adam Fodness: blue, crossbred market gilt.
Hunter Hamann: blue, shooting sports grades 6-8.
Kynzie Hamann: blue, photography grades 6-8.
Alexandra Hartman: blue, crafts grades 6-8.
Sophie Holmberg: participant fashion review clothes you buy grades 6-8.
Grace Homer: red, self determine grades 9+.
Anna Huisman: blue, home environment grades 6-8.
Makayla Huisman: blue, wildlife biology grades 9+.
Elisabeth Kelm: blue, clothes you buy grades 6-8.
Christian Kruse: blue, lightweight black face market lamb; market lamb showman participant; sheep interview finalist; red, small grain grades 6-8.
Hannah Kruse: blue, registered Hereford junior yearling; breeding beef int. showman participant; chef for a day participant; red, individual livestock demonstration.
Jo-Hannah Ladd: blue, food preservation grades 6-8.
Mary-Frances Ladd: blue, dog project grades 6-8.
Allison LaRock: blue, performing arts grades 6-8.
Livewires 4-H Club: blue, club banner.
Ethan Marshall: blue, aerospace grades 9+.
Dylan Mente: red, registered Maine Anjou yearling; breeding beef; sr. showman participant; chef for a day participant; blue, plant and soil science grades 9+.
Tommy Norman: blue, prospect calf – heifer.
Daynica Pap: blue, sr. buck Rex rabbit; rabbit judging participant.
Megan Popkes: blue, photography grades 9+.
Andrew Raak: red, red & white 2-year-old Holstein; dairy judging participant.
Jacob Raak: blue, Ayrshire 3- and 4-year-old cow; dairy judging participant.
Joshua Raak: red, crossbred senior yearling heifer; dairy judging participant.
Tyler Reisdorfer: blue, registered Red Angus junior yearling; breeding beef senior showman participant; chef for a day participant.
Thea Richards: blue, fine arts grades 9+.
Adayla Rouzer: blue, white face market lamb; market lamb int. showman participant.
Michaella Sandbulte: blue, photography grades 9.
Hunter Sandbulte: red, shop – wood grades 6-8.
Aleck Schoeneman: blue, registered barrow.
Josie Scholten: blue, performing arts grades 6-8.
Micah Stensland-Bos: red, crossbred market barrow.
Alex Uhl: blue, tractor grades 9+.
Kylie Uhl: blue, exploring animals grades 6-8.
Mira Uithoven: red, white face market lamb and market lamb advanced showman participant.

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