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Voices of our Readers Sept. 16, 2021

Reed: Community's volunteerism another reason to smile
To the Editor:
When we visit Luverne from time to time, we have come to expect a new little gem or pleasant surprise on almost every trip. Wildflowers along the bike path to the Blue Mounds. A Redbirds game on a lovely summer evening.  One ripened Prairie Ally cherry tomato begging to be picked.
Our most recent travel to Luverne was rewarded by the Green Earth Players’ production of “The Game’s Afoot” at the Palace Theatre. What a terrific production, sparking laughter and lightheartedness with every well-delivered line!
Luverne is blessed with a community spirit, where avid volunteerism creates experiences available to everyone. This kind of dedication to the public good isn’t accidental.  Luverne is lucky.  And so are we.
Maureen Reed,
Ellstons: 'You should be proud ...'
To the Editor:
Hello, Mr. (Luverne Mayor) Baustian.
We are a couple in our 80s who visited your city on Aug. 25.
We enjoyed walking down main street listening to music from the loud speakers. NICE!
We were surprised as we waited for traffic to cross the street as a car stopped and motioned us across. NICE!
We stopped at the Chamber of Commerce where a very friendly and knowledgeable lady gave us tourist info. NICE!
Toured the History Center and nutcracker collection, where a very nice gentleman gave us a fantastic tour. NICE!
Ate ice cream at McDonalds. NICE!
Toured Blue Mound State Park and the Touch the Sky Prairie. NICE!
Saw the buffalo herd and the house built in a rock. NICE!
Thank you for a great day. You should be proud of your town and citizens.
Dean and Carol Ellston,
Sioux Falls, S.D.
Frakes: Lead On!
To the Editor:
I see there is a big protest over the new vaccine mandate.
I bet these same people refuse to wear their seat belts and also smoke in bars, because they will be damned if they let someone else tell them what to do! Lead on!
Bill Frakes,
Kracht: 'Things that you won't hear on the news that are 100 percent true!'
To the Editor:                                                                                                                                                      
While 28,000 COVID cases were reported in Florida by the CDC on Aug. 9, they quietly reduced that number to 17,000 on Aug. 11, with no explanation of why. If you were off by 11,000 in your checkbook, someone would need to explain it.
Nearly 8,000 people have died from the effects of the Covid shot. I don’t care if you are for the vaccine, or against it, but shouldn’t this be reported by the media?
There is no test for the “Delta Variant” of COVID-19. If you research the Delta Variant, this is what the experts say: “There is not a specific test for the Delta Variant. However, since the vast majority of COVID cases are the Delta Variant, it is likely a positive test result indicates you could be infected with the Delta Variant.”
This is about as vague and a non-answer as you can get. There are a few labs in the country that can detect it, but they have just done a few samples. Basically, we are just guessing.
While the vaccine has been FDA approved, the COVID test that was used throughout 2020 was rejected by them. Bet you didn’t hear about this, did you? The test was rejected by the FDA, because of nearly 50 percent false positive results.
So, is there a test for COVID that is FDA approved? Or are we still just winging it? The NIAD, under the direction of Dr. Fauci, gave the Wuhan lab $826,000 for bat coronavirus research from 2014 to 2019. Then he lied to the United States Congress about it. Twice.
Another CDC reporting debacle, they reported the number of children with COVID in Texas as 783 per day. Whoops! Three days later, they admitted a mistake. It was a total of 783 children that contracted COVID. Do you think they did this by accident? Yet, nothing on the news saying they screwed up. It was another hit piece on the Texas governor.
CNN ran a hit piece on Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida. The story was, four teachers from Florida died from COVID in one day. This was aimed at letting the parents of our children decide on mask wearing at school. It was reported that three of the teachers were not vaccinated. The fourth was unknown.
After looking into the facts, the fourth was not a teacher at all. But wait! When did this happen? Oh, it was on Aug. 12! The teachers and kids were not in school yet in Florida. One day later, CNN retracted the story, but there was no explanation or apology.
Don’t get me wrong. I know COVID-19 is real. I know several people who have gotten it, who have been seriously ill, and have died because of it. But the truth has not been reported on it.
Mert Kracht,

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