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Voices of our Readers Oct. 6, 2022

Lanphere is eager to see more renewable development
To the Editor:
Promoting and developing business opportunities in our community is a vital part of the mission of the Luverne Area Chamber and CVB. Strengthening the business climate in Luverne and Rock County will enhance and build our community’s future.
That’s why I was pleased to learn that the turbines for NextEra Energy Resources’ Walleye Wind project will be manufactured just on the other side of the South Dakota border in Brandon. It’s great to know that locally sourced materials like this will not only support our area’s economy and jobs, but that they will be supporting more local energy generation — especially as Minnesota continues to diversify its energy portfolio by supporting both traditional and new energy resources.
While there are many environmental benefits to wind development, there are also economic benefits for the area here in Rock County. Projects like these create new construction jobs for Minnesota’s families, as well as long-term maintenance jobs to operate the projects for decades. They also can bring millions of dollars in additional revenues for our roads, schools and services.
In fact, the Walleye Wind project alone is poised to generate an estimated $55.7 million in economic activity, directly benefiting local businesses.
One of the criticisms I keep hearing about wind energy is the waste that is created, which I don’t think is fair, since all forms of energy we use have some type of waste. However, while turbine blades may have been buried in the past once they reach the end of their life cycle, innovations have been developed to recycle the blades, making renewable energy even more sustainable and better for our communities and the environment. NextEra Energy Resources recycles their wind turbines in many different ways and oftentimes turns them into cement! They’ve already begun recycling the blades from the turbines that used to be on site in the Walleye Wind project area.
I’m pleased to see how our area is poised to see real economic growth locally while also remaining attractive to businesses who may have their own renewable standards and goals. As an advocate for local business interests, I am eager to see more renewable development in the area so that we can grow the local manufacturing industry, create good-paying local jobs, and maintain and grow the local economy.
Jane Wildung Lanphere,
Executive Director,
Luverne Area Chamber & CVB
Vos: 'What's wrong?'
To the Editor:
To Governor Walz and those in the Twin Cities controlling our state: a $9 billion surplus, but we have to cut back our services at the Luverne driver’s license exam station. What’s wrong?
Ken Vos,

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