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Voices of our Readers Jan. 12, 2023

Frakes; "Reparations are in order"
Letter to the Editor:
I’ve been hearing the word “repatriations” a lot lately. I think it’s a good idea. We can give all the descendants of slaves a free ticket back to their home continent so they could live the life they’ve always dreamed of.
Hold it! Hold it! My bad! I just found out the word is actually “reparations.”
A little different but still a good idea. All the families who lost fathers, brothers, husbands and sons when they went south to free the slaves should receive reparations.
Hundreds of thousands did not return at all, and hundreds of thousands returned all mangled and disabled.
We have to remember that the total population was much smaller than it is today, so these losses had a huge impact.
Reparations are in order.
Bill Frakes,

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