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Voice of our Readers March 2, 2021

To the Editor:
We the People have had enough. We value our loved ones. If you choose to not see your loved ones in person, so be it. But don’t tell us we can’t. Go visit your grandparents, quit living in fear. You don’t know what tomorrow holds, embrace those you love now.
We value the right to protect our freedom and safety. If you don’t like guns, then don’t buy one. We’ve never tried to force you to own one.
This country was founded by wise, brave men who risked all to give us freedom, and we do not need to live in fear of a virus that has a better than 99-percent survival rate. If you choose to live in a bunker like your leader, that is fine with us.
value our freedom to gather to worship. If you feel unsafe, then stay home.
We value our freedom of speech. Without it, we are another step closer to communism. Even though you have “dominion” over us, we will try again to vote out those who want to take our freedom away.
We have our values and beliefs that we adhere to. We don’t need big tech/social media censoring and telling us what we should believe. Being wealthy does not give you a PhD in infectious disease, make you an expert on farming or ranching, or an authority on green power.
We are able to form our own opinions. Hollywood actors and pro athletes are famous for a very specific reason, and it is not for their political advice. You guys can debate amongst yourselves on which bathroom to use and we’ll keep mining, drilling, farming, trucking, manufacturing, and helping this country to thrive. God Bless America!
Todd Meinerts

To the writer of “thumbs down”:
This note is regarding the “thumbs down” post in the February 27, 2021, issue of the Star Herald. You might want to do some of your own investigative reporting before carelessly throwing around the phrase “free and fair elections.”
Sherri Ladd

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