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Voice of our Readers July 13, 2023

Harrison on this year's legislative session: 'Is this what you voted for?'
To the Editor:
If you haven’t heard about what has happened in our Minnesota Legislature this year, it is important that you know.
We are now a sanctuary for abortions that can occur up to the moment of birth, a “privilege” allowed only in six other nations (China and North Korea included). If a baby is born alive after the procedure, life-saving care can be refused. The positive alternatives act that provided assistance and support to pregnant women and new mothers was repealed.
We are also a sanctuary state for sex change surgeries, as well as puberty blockers for minors without the knowledge or consent of their parents. And we expect God to bless America?
Most know that recreational marijuana has been legalized. The $19 billion surplus was spent as well as $10 billion more, and new taxes were placed on us to cover the huge spending spree.
Senator Weber and State Representative Joe Schomacker, as well as many other conservative members, tried to block or at least make amendments to this madness, but the left was in control.
Is this what you voted for? The pace that our country is headed in the wrong direction takes my breath away and makes me so very sad. Please pray for our nation.
Shirley Harrison,

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