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Voice of our Readers Feb. 11, 2021

To the Editor:
Our founding fathers came from monarchies in Europe where they foundthat absolute power corrupts absolutely. So they wrote theConstitution so that there would be checks and balances so no onecould rule absolutely.
But since Minnesota has a law that we cannot prosecute the police,there is no check and balance. This situation where it is possible forthe police to cover for each other’s mistakes will inspire people that want to get by with crime to become policemen. When George Floyd got killed by a policeman, the other police automatically lied, sayingthat he had resisted arrest when he had not. But some police are honest. Since more police die from suicide while being investigated than are killed by the public, there are some policemen that do try to stop the problem cops. But those who joined the police force becausethey wanted to be able to get by with crime seem to think that theirlittle world will fall apart if they can no longer be a cop, so they commit suicide.
When George Floyd got killed, there were so many protests so immediately that it seems as if there was a huge problem that peoplejust needed proof to respond. When Derek Chauvin callously looked into the camera while he killed Floyd, it seemed as if he knew full wellthat he would get by with it.
We need checks and balances on the police. When the legislature doesnot allow the courts to prosecute a criminal cop, then there is nohope for justice ever. No hope brings never-ending frustration which results in mental illness which brings
more crime.
                    Roger  Elgersma

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