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Voice of our Readers Aug. 2021

Mann: 'We already have great things'
To the Editor:
I’m writing in response to Jason Berghorst’s Aug. 5 column, “What I wish for.”
First of all, he wants a Dar’s Pizza in Luverne. We have really good pizza at Pizza Ranch and Godfather’s; we don’t need a Dar’s.
Then, what’s this about a Kwik Trip? We have four convenience stores in town. If he can’t find the donut he wants at one of these, there’s something wrong.
And, he wants a larger Lewis Drug? That’s kind of bashing Bomgaars, isn’t it?
I appreciated Jason’s column and I respect his opinion, but I think we already have great things in Luverne. I know I’m not the only who feels this way.
Bev Mann,
Ladd questions mayoral responsibilities
To the Editor:
Consider for a moment the following word for word quotation from the current ELECTED Mayor of Luverne. “Grandparents that have grandkids ages 12-18 need to get on their grandkids’ parents to get them vaccinated!” Is stating that one group should “get on” another group even within mayoral responsibilities?
Consider, also, for a moment the following word for word quotation from the same source. “With the new Delta variant gaining momentum, now is the time to protect yourselves, your family, and out community.” There was an interesting piece written in the Aug. 5, 2021, issue of the “Star Tribune.” It can be found on the front page above the fold. It stated a peculiar fact regarding the recent outbreak of the Delta variant in Massachusetts. Of the 469 reported cases of the Delta variant 346 of those infected were fully vaccinated. That pencils out to 74 percent of those infected with the Delta variant were fully vaccinated. Interesting?
 Sherri Ladd

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