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Voice of our Readers Aug. 17, 2023

Fick: 'We're overlooking serious national problems'
Letter to the Editor:
The big question in Washington now seems to be at what age is an individual disqualified from running for public office. Mental and physical status could be determined by medical doctor exams if an individual is qualified to start running for public office.
Age brings experience and can bring knowledge and wisdom. Let’s not overlook these assets. I’m sure either party has well-qualified individuals.
Why then are we wasting precious time and money defending an individual with his lies and his “buffalo” remarks to the very people he once represented. How much wisdom and knowledge does this show? At the same time, we’re overlooking serious national problems.
What are foreign countries thinking, watching the turmoil in Washington, D.C.?
Robert Fick,
Radisewitz: Banners on Main Street honor our veterans — well done, Luverne
To the Editor:
Lately I’ve been admiring the banners lining Main Street thanking our veterans for their service. 
Many communities recognize veterans with a few words on special days or a monument, but to actually display names and faces of our local heroes on banners goes above and beyond the cause. 
I can’t help but look at each soldier’s banner without wondering about their story. How did their time go in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other destinations away from home? 
What sacrifices did they have to make to serve our country?  What adventures did they encounter?
As I walk to my office, it’s fun to greet each face and wonder about their stories. Maybe our friends at the Star Herald could do a weekly column highlighting a few of these heroes? 
Some on the banners are friends, colleagues, classsmates of my daughters, a few I recognized from times past, and others I’m just getting to know.
Good morning, Edwin Holst-SP4 Army NG, Eddie Deutsch-CPL in the Korean War (it was an honor meeting you at The Veterans Home), Curtis Smook-EOCA in Vietnam, Charles Egland-QM2 in Vietnam (who is still excited about his hole-in-one last week), Bill Brakke-Captain in World War II/Korea, David Stoltenberg-SP4 in Vietnam, Ian Sandager-Sgt. Global War on Terror, Anthony Dispanet-SP5 Vietnam, Holly Sammons-Sgt. Army NG (a great addition to our city administrative team) and Brad Deutsch-SPC Global War on Terror (we miss you).  
Thanks to all the veterans displayed on the banners (and those whose names aren’t yet included on a banner) for your service to our country. 
Cary Radisewitz,

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