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Voice of our Readers April 6, 2023

Fick: 'Stop and think, what if that would happen around here. Oh that would hurt'
To the Editor:
Another shooting! Three innocent children and three adults at work in school. Why? Where will the next incident be? Do we think this 28-year-old has been watching television? Seeing how the adults in Washington, D.C., operate? The example they set for our youth. It this normal? Could that affect a growing mind?
I’m an 85-year-old retired, in front of TV watcher. I get very upset and even confused at what I see and hear. Our youth see that too, thinking this is normal. Could this affect a growing mind? This is what they are brought up with. Maybe Washington, D.C., should look at itself once. What kind of example are they setting for our youth. Most of our representatives are intelligent and well qualified, but seems a few not. It seems their goal is to disrupt seriously needed government function, refusing to pass beneficial bills, that would benefit the country, because it is someone else’s idea. How some foreign countries are advancing in technology, like chips, batteries, etc., while our government is spending precious time and taxpayers’ money over nonessentials. How our tax system favors the very wealthy while our federal debt is out of control and people are hungry and living in tents on the streets. How a TV channel constantly and knowingly broadcasts falsehoods. How lying, even under oath, has become a powerful tool. How the results of a federal presidential election are considered false. How the hard-working vote counters are accused of being corrupt. How stealing federal classified material is defended. Where has our respect for our authorities gone.
Maybe we, as adults, should clean up our act so our youth can have a more positive outlook on life. History tells us corruption often leads to failure. If we don’t look out, we could lose our freedoms and our rights. DEMOCRACY. Difference of opinion is good for society, but only if intellectual compromise is attained.
Our country is trying to convert other countries to our form of government, democracy, but this is what they see. People killed in our capitol. Hundreds of police officers injured, some badly, defending the capitol and representatives, children killed in our schools. Semi-automatic military weapons allowed in our homes. Semi-automatic weapons serve but one purpose! Many people dying from overdose of illegal drugs. We abort our babies. People even getting death threats.
I just had to say something. Stop and think, what if that would happen around here. Oh, that would hurt. How it must affect our youth mentally. We’d better be concerned before we lose our freedoms, our way of life. DEMOCRACY.
Robert Fick,

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