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Remembering those who served our country; Luverne's Poppy Days scheduled for May 26

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:
Each year, usually in May, you see citizens wearing little red crepe paper poppies.  These flowers, the memorial flowers of the American Legion Auxiliary, are offered to you by volunteers of the American Legion Post #123.
This year in Luverne Poppy Day will be Thursday, May 26. This is not just a local program; it is a nationwide program.
   Thousands of America’s fighting men and women have been called to make the sacrifice for freedom, and the poppy has become the symbol of all our past wars.
This is why we ask you to please place this little red poppy over your heart in tribute to the sacrifices they made.
We cannot stress enough that these poppies are never sold. They are given in exchange for a donation. We assure you any amount is certainly appreciated.
Another good question:  What is the money used for?  It is used for veterans and their families.
Now to the great need of military families the American Legion Executive Committee voted to expand the use of funds to active duty service members and their families who demonstrate a financial need.
When you are asked to wear a little red poppy, smile, accept the poppy, pause for a few moments, remember the men and women who serve our country.
American Legion Post 123 Auxiliary

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