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Preuss: 'Remember the power is the people'

Voice of Our Readers

To the Editor:
Mr. Radisewitz in his letter said that the county in which he lives is not the same, and he asks the citizens to be more respectful.
I see us being that in where we shop, work, play and worship. We are not judged by our political views, religion, ethnicity or economic status. We are, however, in politics.
The blame for this lies in the mouths of our politicians and media. If you are a conservative you are called a racist, white supremacist, xenophobe and you are “deployable.” If you are a liberal, you are against motherhood, religion and guns and thus you are a member of the radical left.
The basis for any government is power. America’s power is in the people. Our politicians have forgotten they are elected to serve the people, not their agenda. They cannot pass a stimulus bill to help the people who need it. Stop-gap budgets for two or three months instead of yearly budgets and the norm. The immigration problem is just that, a problem, yet to be solved. Medicare and Social Security are facing insolvency and they keep kicking that can down the road.
We as people have to demand that our elected officials remember the power is the people and they are elected to serve, not demand. When they serve, we again will have civility in all areas of our lives.
Bill Preuss

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