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Pear theft disappoints Berg

Voice of Our Readers

To the Editor:
My husband and I planted a pear tree four years ago in our backyard. We were told that it would take at least three years to get any pears on it. Last year we got two pears. This year the tree had between two to three dozen pears on it.
We went out in the evening on Aug. 15 to look at the pears and decided to pick them the next afternoon. On the 16th we went out to pick them and there was not one pear left on the tree.
I have always been taught if it is not yours leave it alone. Sometimes I feel that this rule only applies to me. If whoever took them would have asked, I would have gladly shared.
I hope whoever took the pears enjoyed them as much as I think we would have. If you need more food, please come to our door. I would love to bless you, as I don’t like to see anyone go hungry.
Sheryl Berg

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