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Message to city officials: 'No twin homes'

Voice of our Readers

To the Editor:
We all here at the Tri-State Addition received our letters from the city of Luverne in regard to the storm water drainage study.
Well, we all know how that’s going to turn out. I have received countless thanks sticking up for my neighborhood and the citizens of Luverne who enjoy the Roundwind Road neighborhood in which the city of Luverne has plans to destroy. I think it is time the city of Luverne listen to the people on this and it’s time to stay out of the real estate business if this moves forward for which I hope it doesn’t. You said we could have input. Ha, ha.
I and we think it is of the utmost importance that our neighborhood maintains it integrity. Option 1: leave it alone. Option 2: extend Fireleaf Road to the south. Place for twin homes eight addresses on the west side of the street only leaving us a 60+ buffer zone. These are prime lots 40,000 each address to help pay for the road. I hope you are not giving these lots away for future tax revenue. That would be a 20-plus years payback plus it's not fair to the citizens of Luverne and I will want to see the check from the developer for the purchase of these lots.
The meeting is on Monday, Sept. 11, at 5:30 p.m. Oh how convenient. Some of us aren’t even home from work yet.
P.S. I think it is time this city listens to its taxpayers and do the right thing here. No twin homes.
Kenny Scheidt

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