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Frakes: 'Warm fuzzies' prevalent in this year's election

Voice of our Readers

To the Editor:
Ahh … the election is in full swing, and the politicians are out there buying our votes. Whether it is with increased taxes — but only on other people — or better yet, lower taxes for all, free child care or free college, the politicians are buying our votes.
This is as it should be. After all, our “comforts” are paramount. We’ve earned them, and obviously, we couldn’t survive without low taxes and perks like mortgage interest deductions, free disaster relief, free medical care, free retirement, etc.
Of course, a lot of your “comforts” also come from the “warm fuzzies.” That’s the feeling we get when we “pay it forward” to help the disadvantaged among us.
We get “warm fuzzies” over food stamps, free phones, “affordable” housing, free medical insurance, free school lunches, subsidized energy, free union bailouts, extended unemployment, expanded disability, etc.
The neat part of this is that we are paying little or nothing for the “warm fuzzies.” We are actually “appropriating” the money from our unborn children.
Now this did bother me for about two seconds until I realized that we are leaving them all this crumbling infrastructure. They should at least contribute a little.
When you think about how “warm and fuzzy” they are going to be when they think about how they “paid backward” to make us feel “warm and fuzzy,” its obviously a win-win situation. Lead on, progressives.
Bill Frakes

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