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CVD Board: Support ‘Just for Nuts’

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:
The members of the Luverne Area Convention & Visitors Bureau enthusiastically support the efforts of the “Just for Nuts” 501C non-profit organization to site and construct the “world’s largest nutcracker” in Luverne.
Some of us were skeptical in 2017 when Roger Brooks’ assessment told our community that our “one big, unique thing” that could grow our tourism industry was the collection of nutcrackers at the History Center. 
Over the past five years, as the collection and its reputation have increased, Brooks’ recommendation was spot-on.
The story of Luverne’s nutcracker collection is now seen via print, video and social media throughout the country which has increased our visitor traffic and improved the bottom line of our retail and service industries which depend on tourism to survive.
We believe that the world’s largest nutcracker will only improve our visitor traffic and increase the revenue of businesses in our community.
Our friends in Blue Earth, Minnesota, started seriously promoting their “Green Giant” in the past couple of years. Today they get about 40,000 visitors a year to stop by their statue.
Imagine what could happen if 40,000 additional visitors stopped in Luverne to see the “largest nutcracker.” 
If we could get even a quarter of those visitors to go downtown to see the History Center’s collection and spend an hour or two … Roger Brooks estimates that Luverne could see an additional $2 million in revenue. 
We urge you to work with the wonderful people of the “Just forNuts” organization to accomplish the goal of siting the “World’s Largest Nutcracker” in Luverne. We know that this will increase tourism … that in turn will strengthen and grow our business community! 
Your support to make this happen will make Luverne a better place to “live, work and play.” 
Luverne CVB Board 
Mike Davis (chair)
Vance Walgrave (vice-chair)
Diana Hensley (secretary)Chris Ingebretsen 
Lori Hallstrom
Pastor Bob Junak 
Ashley Benson
Wendel Buys
Wyatt Sprecher
Kanaan Centeno
Usha Parmar
Tom Sawtelle

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