Ordinance of hemp derived products for Rock County

Ordinance of hemp derived 

products for Rock County

Resolution No. 37-22

The following Ordinance is hereby published by title and summary:

1. Title of Ordinance: Rock County Hemp Derived Product Ordinance

2. Summary of Ordinance: 

Section 1: Defines the purpose of the Ordinance to regulate the sale of hemp derived products that may be legally sold under Minnesota law.

Section 2: Sets forth definitions of terms use in the Ordinance.

Section 3: Provides that a County license is required prior to offering for sale any licensed products. Specifies the procedure for applying for a license and sets the minimum clerk age at 21. Establishes the license term and provides for renewals. Restricts the sale of licensed products within 1,000 feet of school building or property; Prohibits pharmacies and healthcare practitioners who certify qualifying conditions for medical cannabis patients. Establishes the maximum number of retail licenses.

Section 4: Provides that every license must designate a manager and an agent for service of process. 

Section 5: Section 6: Sets forth the bases for denial of a license.

Section 7: Describes prohibited sales; including self-serving displays, vending machines, and delivery sales. Indicates that licensee is responsible for actions of employees. Sets the minimum age for a sales clerk at 21 years of age and identifies requirements for signage and age verification.

Section 8: The licensee is responsible for the action of their employees.

Section 9: Provides for compliance checks.

Section 10: Prohibits anyone over the age of 21 or older to purchase or otherwise obtain licensed products on behalf of a person under the age of 21 and prohibits the use of false identification.

Section 11: Provides certain exceptions to the Ordinance related to lawfully recognize religious, spiritual or cultural ceremony or other indigenous practices.

Section 12: Sets forth administrative process related to violations and sets penalties for violations of $600 for first violation; $1000 for the second violation along with suspension; and $2,000 along with revocation after third violation.

Section 13: Contains a severability and savings clause.

Section 14: Provides that the ordinance is to be effective on this date of publication and provides that existing licensees shall have until December 31, 2022, to sell and remove inventories of products that are no longer permitted to be sold under the provisions of this Ordinance.

3. Availability of Ordinance: A complete printed copy of this Ordinance is available for inspection by a person during regular business hours in the office of the County Administrator located at 204 East Brown, Luverne, Minnesota 56156. This Ordinance was passed by the Board of Commissioners of the County of Rock on the 18th day of October, 2022, and shall become effective immediately upon the date of publication.  

Jody Reisch,

Board Chairperson


Kyle J. Oldre,

County Administrator


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